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University Study

When I started my university life on the first day, I faced a lot of challenges, and so did other students, especially the ones who moved from provinces. Of course, sometimes it is easy for us to adapt things around us, but sometimes not. Therefore, this theory also applies to students who have just graduated from high schools and move to a higher education. Some students can adapt and deal with it easily, whereas others face three challenges: study styles, financial problems and major selections.

How students in high schools and universities study is totally different. First, unlike those in high schools, students at universities use a lot of student centered approaches in class. To use this kind of techniques is not easy because you need to do a lot of self-study before going to the class. When you go to the class, your job is to discuss only what you have just searched. Second, when you enter university life, you cannot cheat in tests like what you did in high schools. Commonly known, universities are very strict and competitive.

Therefore, failing or passing depends on you. Last but certainly not least, you will experience many new things such as assignment, debates and presentations. All of those stuffs are very new to most of the students. For instance, I was very shocked and nervous when I did my first presentation at university because I was still very naive at the university. A financial problem is another challenge students may face when they enter the university. Firstly and the most importantly, you need to pay a lot for tuition fees, books and buying documents.

Obviously, if you live in the city, you will not meet a financial problem, but if you come from the province, of course, you will face the problem. More seriously, if you study medical majors, the fee is much higher than any other majors. Also, you have to spend a lot for daily expenses if you do not have any relatives in the city. As a result, you let yourself work part-time to support your living. One dilemma high school students face when they graduate is what major they should choose to study at the university. It is due to 3 main reasons. Firstly, students do not have clear goals.

They have never thought about what they will become in the future and what they are good at. For example, when you study English, you are supposed to a teacher of English, yet you become an accountant instead when graduating. Next, most students follow their friends and relatives in choosing the major. Some may think that they can meet their closed friends at the university if they follow their friends. On the other hands, others may feel that they can easily get a job since they have their relatives working in that field as a model. Lastly, students are very greedy to cram many things together.

They want to study various majors simultaneously. This is also because they do not have a clear goal for what they want to be after the graduation. In conclusion, no matter how strong you are, at least you still meet some difficulties. It is even more if you are a student from the province. Three challenges are means of studying, a huge amount of money to invest in their study and the right things they should study at the universities. If you are on the edge to graduate from or in high school, you should prepare yourself with all these difficulties.

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