University of San Francisco Essay

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University of San Francisco

It is the dedication to serve and create opportunities for other people that have given me the motivation and willingness to pursue my dream. Though there are numerous setbacks and hurdles along the way, I feel that with hard work and patience, I can be able to move forward and succeed. With this, I wish to present my intentions to apply for a nursing degree at University of San Francisco.

Given the difficulty in getting decent and good education, I wish to apply to a school that can give me the competitive advantage over my peers while at the same time enhancing not only my cognitive abilities but also my other interests as well. I feel that my application at this University can help me discover these talents and create in me the traits necessary for service is possible. I also feel that I can carry out the mission and vision of the University not only within the campus but also outside its boundaries.

I will try to imbibe the values and ideals the University promotes and intensify the initiative for change. Like the institution, I want to transcend to the needs of other people; cater their relevant ideas and prosper in them an understanding that is holistic in nature. Similarly, I can be part of a volunteer group or program that is aimed to increase and facilitate the needed support the University’s goals.

At the same time, I wish to take part in the student body who will also act as watch dogs as to whether the school is addressing the requirements under its tenets. This ensures a wider scope of accountability as each one takes part in the development process. In the end, I feel that my contributions, though little in scope, can greatly affect the University as a whole. It is the desire for improvements that we find our purpose and inspire others that such facet is attainable amidst the difficulties and struggles that may come along.

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