University of Pennsylvania’s history Essay

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University of Pennsylvania’s history

David Rittenhouse’s magnificent orrery is going up for auction this week. This stunning clock was first commissioned in 1767. It contains a circular zodiac, which has the latitude and longitude of each planet indicated by its correct index. It was completed in 1770 and has been a proud part of the University of Pennsylvania’s history ever since. It was even added to the school seal in 1782. This orrery was designed to be the first of its kind, as it is capable of showing, at any given time, appropriate astrological phenomena. This beautiful clock has a large, centermost, face that is beautifully painted with stars.

A beautiful dark wood frame serves as the orderly’s base. It is undoubtedly a sight to behold. According to its designer, David Rittenhouse, this extraordinary machine gives the time, date, and year, as well as the continuous positioning of the planets. He also maintains that the orrery will go either forward or backward for a five thousand year span. Clearly, the orrery is capable of giving us a look at our past and our future. This amazing feat of modern science will soon be up for purchase. It will make a wonderful addition to any home, library, museum, university, or other private collection.

Already, people have been trying to put in their individual bids before the clock has even been released for sale. Yet, given the abilities and sheer beauty of the piece, it is no wonder that the announcement of this sale would receive such a response from so many individuals. Of course, all proceeds collected from the sale of the clock will go towards the University. Come view the orrery, and bid on a proud part of the University of Pennsylvania’s illustrious history. This sale is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you miss out, you can be assured that you will regret you did.

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