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University of Michigan is My Goal

I aim to mold my education by doing, rather than solely taking notes. The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, and additionally the Ross School of Business, achieves just that through their emphasis on learning through experiences. With a wide array of majors and minors, LSA is the college where I can truly find my academic interests. And due to the flexibility of LSA degrees, the college will provide me with the means to fit into the career field best suited for me.

Labwork is a staple of physical science courses and serves to increase the number of hands-on learning experiences students can have. Out of everything in my biology and chemistry classes, experimenting with beakers and test tubes was my favorite part. The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts offers an advanced form of this in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. I seek to gain references to real-world experiences, and this research program would allow me to do that.

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In addition to UROP, LSA offers another type of Engaged Learning in the optiMize initiative, where my ideas would truly be heard because of the collaborative principles of the program. Furthermore, I’m interested in taking a wide breadth of different classes. Fundamental sciences and math are important, but the humanities are equally as significant. From Biology 102 to introductory dance classes, I’m confident that the school will not only excel my scientific and mathematical mind but also create the most well-rounded education I can hope to have.

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Although I would not exactly be sure of where I’d go in LSA, my love for business would translate well to the Ross School of Business through preferred admission. Ross has one of the most renowned BBA programs in the world, and for good reason. Using Ross’s MERGE curriculum, I will be able to emphasize the leadership skills one needs to be successful in business administration and important liberal arts and sciences. It’s heartening to know that my interest in science won’t falter in Ross and that I’ll still be able to retain connections to technology through the Technology and Operations area of study. At Ross, I can see myself connecting with actual businesses through Capstone MAP courses, or traveling abroad to learn about international business. I’ll feel less like a student and more like an executive who could reach the success of someone like Richard Costolo.

Of course, while the University of Michigan offers so many amazing opportunities to students, its important for them to return the favor to the university by getting involved in the school’s community. The work that institutions like the Edward Ginsberg Center do is amazing, and their emphasis on diversity and community service aligns with the joy I felt while taking part in the same type of programs at my high school. My other passions span over many diverse topics too, but I’ve already found organizations that I would enjoy in the University of Michigan Boxing and Tabletop Gaming Clubs. And although some of my interests aren’t represented yet, such as the aquarist hobby, I’d be excited to start a club with other like-minded students. I want to become involved in the university and, in the process, become a Victor as well.

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