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University of chichester Essay

From 1976 to 1991, UK has witnessed major changes in its education system. Since early 90s, changes would include transformation in its structure, essential nature and even purpose. The driving force behind this is legislation and national funding policies which brought about sociological and epistemological change. (Skinner 2006) For instance, the British Council – the international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities of the United Kingdom – has been an important agent of this transformation as it promotes UK education in over 100 countries where it has an established presence.

With the increase influx of international students, a study of this topic would inevitably help develop a more effective marketing scheme for UK as essential market intelligence can be derived from such study, helping higher education administrators improve their standards which is hoped to attract and even more number of international students. The long-term goal of this paper is to provide important information which could help establishing the UK as the premier international education provider.

2. 1 Background of the Study Approximately ? 5 billion annually is contributed by International students to the economy of the United Kingdom. (Department for Children, Schools, and Families 2006) In line with this, Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom launched a campaign to encourage more international students to study in UK. He also sought building partnerships between universities and colleges in the UK with those abroad.

The campaign, the Prime Minister’s International Education Initiative (PMI) is based on its phase 1 implemented between the 1999 and 2005 where a unified effort in the promotion of UK education overseas was undertaken. In this next phase, a wider international agenda is expected to be address and and increased funding from the Government, the British Council and the education sector is expected. (Department for Children, Schools, and Families 2007) In view of this, data gathered from this study can be used, among others, in achieving these goals set by the Prime Minister.

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Although the University of Chichester is just one of the universities in the region, principles derived from the findings in this study can be adopted to suit local conditions in other universities and colleges. In this way, it is hoped that findings from this study can help not only the education sector but also the economy of the nation as whole since having more international students translates to more funds for the economy as reported earlier in this section.

2. 2 Objectives This paper aims to provide insights on why students come to the University of Chichester. This is achieved by investigating the current performance of the university from the point of view of the studentry, reviewing its current approach to international education, and proposing recommendations to improve its education program for the international students with emphasis given to sustainability of success.

This paper would focus on providing insights as to why students come to the University of Chichester. In order to to this qualitative and quantitative research methodologies would be used. The qualitative aspect of this research would focus mainly on the review of related literature but would also include findings from some of informal interviews conducted. The qualitative aspect, on the other hand, would deal with drawing out insights from currently enrolled international students at the University of Chichester.

Both the results of the qualitative and quantitative methods would be considered together to validate each other so that reasonable conclusions can be made and feasible recommendations can be formulated. 2. 4 Limitations The literature review would primarily focus on the policy of the United Kingdom regarding encouraging international students to attend UK universities as well the environmental and internal context of the University of Chichester. A working definition of international education and international students would be developed and the entire paper would hinge only on these definitions.

For instance, when in the later chapter, an international student is said to be interviewed, it is understood that this international student met all the qualifications described in the working definition of an international student. Also, the findings, conclusions and recommendations for this paper, although was aimed to be usable to other universities so that the goals of the second phase PMI may be achieved, are all in the context of the University of Chichester. Therefore, attempts to apply this to other universities necessitates contextualization.

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