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University of Cambridge

Milton started to attend this College at the age of sixteen in 1625. Earlier he had learned at the St Paul’s school. He really appreciated the atmosphere at that school and intellectual level of his friends. In contrast he felt very disappointed with university life, because of the fact that he couldn’t find similar friend as he had in his earlier school.

He was an outsider and that’s why he got a nickname from his fellow undergraduates ‘The Lady of Christ’s College” but in reality girls were not allowed to study there. Even though he didn’t have a good relationships with his friends, he felt that the tutors respected him. It was interesting to read about daily life at the university in 17th century. Students had to get up early because at 5 a.m. there was a service in Chapel. At this College the religious life was very important and that’s why parents of John Milton sent him there. Lectures started at 7 o’clock after breakfast and finished at 10.30 a.m.

There was a dinner at 11.00 and the second service at 6 p.m. just before the supper. In the mid-seventeenth century the free main subjects were taught at this University: logic, rhetoric and philosophy. In those days all students had to learn the same subjects, there wasn’t any specialization and they didn’t have any choice. Students were also obliged to speak Latin. They didn’t take exams as it is nowadays but they had to make speeches and debates.

The slides gave me an imagination about the university buildings and architecture. The most of it was made of stone but there were also some parts made of wood for instance Rat’s Hall which was intended for a students’ rooms. I know that the university had a small library and a chapel. To sum up, thanks to this virtual tour I had an opportunity to compare the university life in mid-seventeenth century to the present one. In my opinion our education and the way of teaching and learning is entirely different from Milton’s times.

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