University of California Application Essay Essay

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University of California Application Essay

As a person, I believe that every trait and characteristic that I posses is an essential component that defines who I am. If some aspect of it is changed, then it could most likely be describing another person other than me. Everything that happened to me, every experience that has come and passed definitely molded me to the person I am now. I am eager to share every detail of my experiences, both ups and downs, so that people will be able to know me more.

I grew up having a strong sense of responsibility with me. Even as a child, I know what I should do and where I should position myself so that I will be able to achieve my goals and aspirations. I was and still am very eager to learn, that’s why all my life, I was in pursuit of knowledge. My eagerness to learn is one trait that I’m proud of. It has guided me all throughout my academic life, even now, as my pursuit of knowledge goes on. Life itself is a learning process.

For children to run, they must first learn to stand up and walk, for adults to go into a relationship, they must first learn to love and appreciate. For me, the best way to learn is to live life to the fullest. Life’s lessons come in various ways, and one of this is through the challenges that we encounter every day. These challenges are there to educate us, thus raising our awareness of our strong points and weak points. For me, as I know more about these points, specifically my assets and liabilities, I am able to determine which areas in my life needs my attention more.

I could further strengthen my weaknesses and use it to my advantage, while keeping up with my strengths so that they won’t backfire and be my weaknesses. For me, this would further improve the life that I live. Another trait that I value is optimism. I am a person who looks at things positively, at an angle which is always on my advantage. In everything that happens to me, I always try to look on the bright side. It comes with my belief that everything happens for a reason, and everything that happens to me makes me a better person.

I can attest to the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. These challenges, problems and difficulties are there to help us in shaping the best future for us. I am a very competitive person. This is what opened me to my interest in sports. I have a strong love for sports, because the values that a person may develop in it are closely related to my beliefs and ideals. I enjoy a healthy competition, and it can help drive a person to aim for excellence. In this field, I was able to develop sportsmanship, perseverance, and self-control.

These traits are all important not only in sports but are a necessity when we engage in the real world. These games are not there to tire us or to just to strengthen us physically; it is also there to help us build our character. I was able to discover the inner leader in me because of my love for sports. It is a team game, and I learned to follow the team because of sports. I’ve had my share of ups and downs with different sports, like basketball, golf, and soccer.

I value every lesson I’ve learned from these events, and I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything else. Learning has always been a big part of my life. It is what brought me to what I am now, and will guide me to what I will be in the future. I believe that life is one big learning process, and that everything we learn makes us a better person. So if I would be given another chance to learn more in a new learning environment like the University of California, I will surely make the most out of it. I am very sure of that.

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