University Entrance Examination Essay

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University Entrance Examination

An entrance examination is an exam that applicants must pass with great scores for access to an institution of higher education as universities. The entrance exam to enter a college must be mandatory for all people who are interested in pursuing a career and vocational training for several reasons. First of all, the exam helps to measure and evaluate the level of intelligence, ability and knowledge of every applicant for example, young people or graduates from various schools in the country. In fact, all applicants are able to perform this test.

Second, the student who really wants to go to a specific college or wants to study a specific career should strive and work hard to achieve his/her purpose. However, entrance examinations differ depending on the university. Some universities only evaluate logical reasoning and reading skills and others evaluate the knowledge in physics, chemistry, mathematics, English and many other branches.

Finally, schools prepare their students to be trained to develop the examination required by SENESCYT in Ecuador to achieve a quality higher education, that is a reason why the classes that students take in high school are essential such as the average grades as well as the entrance examinations results because they play an important role in the college admission process.

To conclude, an entrance exam opens the doors to all kinds of students who are willing to overcome and it motives them to learn harder to fulfill their wish and achieve future success but depends on them whether they approve the exam or not.

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