University Education is it still relevant? Essay

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University Education is it still relevant?

Bill Gates, one of the riches man on earth, is a school drop-out student and non-degree holder yet successful. Is university education still relevant? On the common denominator, only few are like Bill gets, extremely different and exceptional, and so education on the common mass is really a must. Education is a ticket to succeed. Knowledge is the bridge for development and through education; knowledge is attainable and visible.

The world is constantly evolving and demanding more to something stable and new. In order to live in the demands of the world, people need to have a solid education upon which to base the competence and knowledge. In the survey, the percentage of students going to college and completing a degree is half lesser of the total population, USA 35%, Belgium 37%, Ireland 35% Australia 31% and more. The least percentage is in developed countries. This is quite alarming for future battle.

If these people seeing education less significant, who will be the catalyst of growth and change? Wherein fact they are living ahead than other countries. The advantage of getting a degree is that the salary gets higher and work position is secure and stable unlike with those high school grads only. Promotions of work are basically based on education records and performance and that is observed anywhere in the world. Governments and private sectors are really in hand to advocate higher education.

Granting scholarships, discounts, and other means are really big help to earn a degree. Through university education, it takes charge of future by building skills and confidence and opening up new opportunities – whatever stage of life people at. Even if no one else we know is thinking about going into higher education, it could still be the right choice for everyone.

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