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University education

Summary: This article is about the various different ideas to influence college students to attend class. Several professors feel that by using the students’ attendance and their class participation as part of their grade that more students would attend class. Studies show that students who attend class are more likely to get higher graduation rates. Some students feel that the information taught in class should also be available online, which results in students not coming to class. The researchers are saying that by the professors pleasing the students, has led to easier classes where students don’t learn as much as they used to.

Ultimately, the choice is the students and the ones that show up to class are the ones getting the most information, and higher success rates. Essay: College attendance rates are going down as well as graduation rates. College students wonder why there not graduating or passing their classes. I’ll tell you why several students are failing. Students have a responsibility to show up to class to learn the information taught so they can pass, but if students don’t show up they can’t receive that information. So with students not going to class they don’t receive all the information needed to pass test, exams, and complete homework assignments.

Should attendance be a part of the students’ grade? I feel that if the students’ attendance is incorporated into their grade that more students are going to get lower grades. The students are there to better themselves and if they don’t want to show up to class then they are only hurting themselves. The students know that if they don’t attend class then they won’t receive all the information to do well and pass the class. I agree with researcher Marcus Crede that mandatory attendance at the college level is the wrong approach.

Professors should influence their students to come to class in other ways than using attendance as part of their grade. The easiest solution to this problem is for the students to attend class. All college students shouldn’t have to be told this because they know what is expected of them and what they have to do to pass. Graduation rates should increase as long as the students attend class and pay attention. Students’ attendance shouldn’t have to be a percentage of their grade, but if that’s what it takes to increase graduation rates then that’s what will have to happen.

So if you want to be a successful college student you need to attend class, pay attention, and study for your test and exams. Reflection: I feel that I did a good job explaining the key points of the article in my own words. Also I think that I put all the key points in the correct paragraphs. My weaknesses are repeating myself in different words. Also not explaining my thoughts clearly and easily understood. I used too many of my own thoughts without any examples from the text to explain my thoughts.

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