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Cho, J., and Yu, H. (2015). Roles of University Support for International Students in the United States: Analysis of a Systematic Model of University Identification, University Support, and Psychological Well-Being. Journal of Studies in International Education, 19(1), pp. 11-27.Cho and Yu (2015) in the concerned research study have emphasized the need of university support systems to help international students in the United States feel homely amidst a foreign cultural and educational environment. The researchers have analyzed the issue in a systematic manner adding to the degree of importance of the research study as a whole.

Cho and Yu (2015) has conducted their research study in such a way that it looks distinct and different (in terms of value) from previous studies conducted on the same research issue.

The researchers have suggested that international students, in the United States, need social support and organizational support because such socio-organizational support has got long-term consequences and impact. While evaluating the research article it has been observed that the entire structure of the research study is coherent in nature and it is also based on and supported by evidences.

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Statistical figures and information from different sources have been thoroughly examined and then aptly applied in the research study in an explicit manner. Moreover, another important aspect of the research study is its immaculate application of the social identity/self-categorization stress model.The concerned research study should be linked to some of the major concepts learned in the class and throughout the module. In the context it must be said that the linkage can be justified specifically by citing the fact that the research study explicitly discusses about the social identity/self-categorization stress model and it has also developed through the passage of time along with the inclusion of a developed and tested path model that is composed basically of four key/major variables.

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Hirai, R., Frazier, P., and Syed, M. (2015). Psychological and Sociocultural Adjustment of First-Year International Students: Trajectories and Predictors. American Psychological Association, 62(3), pp. 438-452Hirai, Frazier and Syed (2015) have suggested that in terms of measuring the degree of temporal course of international students’ adjustment has not been appropriately tested, neither qualitatively or quantitatively. The limitation of the number of studies conducted in this regard has been highlighted by the authors in a precise manner. The primary objective of the research study has been to assess and explore multiple trajectories of adjustment among those students who are going through their first year and who are international students.

A broader range of adjustment measures has been utilized in the course of conducting the study. A thorough evaluation of the research study is bound to reveal that the researchers have concentrated more on making the research study steer towards the right direction based on the proper use of evidence in the form of statistics. Important predictors of trajectories have also been found out in the research study making the study a relevant and evidential one. The research study is quite relevant to the core concepts learned. This can be argued by citing the fact that a thorough understanding of the research outcome is very much useful in understanding how multiple trajectories emerge and how they are tallied against different adjustment methods in a thorough and explicit manner. Moreover, the importance of longitudinal studies can also be realized in the course of assessing the research study.

Young, J.T. (2017). Confucianism and Accents: Understanding the Plight of the Asian International Student in the U.S. Journal of International Students, 7(3), 433-448.Young (2017) in the research study has stressed on the issue of acculturation stress which is experienced by many international students who come to the United States for acquiring higher education. Accompanied by cultural shock, their distresses sometimes know no bound. Such distressful experiences often impact negatively on the academic performance of international students in the United States’ educational institutions in a thorough manner. The researcher has pointed out that in specific Asian students suffer most from acculturation and that is the reason why they tend to underutilize on campus counseling services quite explicitly.

A thorough evaluation of the research study can make the reader understand the need of understanding the issue of acculturation and its relation to academic success or failure. How international students quite often are faced with cultural issues in a foreign academic context has been vividly described by the researcher and such description is quite informative owing to the fact that the research study is based on evidence and the structure of the study is quite coherent and logical. The research study can be thoroughly related to the course concepts that include the issue of cultural shock and acculturation. How cultural shock can render negative impacts on the academic performance of international students has been thoroughly discussed and this thoroughness in discussion makes it possible for the reader to relate the concept to the concepts discussed in the class.

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