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Rapid development of technologies and existing financial crisis make people fret about their future live and expert realization, showing without any doubt the value of education for more effective living. Knowledge is power and the more you know the simpler you will get the desired task, the much better you will be paid and the better you will live.

Just recently, college has practically become a needs to in our society. First of all companies constantly prefer to hire applicants with a university degree than others with lower education.

They know that these candidates have a complete approximately date qualification. For instance, people with bachelor or master degree have more than 90 per cent more possibility to be invited to an interview and thus to get the task they made an application for.

In addition, earnings plays a major function in everybody’s life. Earning more cash makes people live better and happier. University graduates are well paid experts who are certified in various fields and markets.

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They are high valued and searched for in the labour market. So, completing business attract these professionals by providing them higher wages, bonus offers, company smart phones, laptops, vehicles and so on

Last but not least, people are often afraid of redundancy and dismissal just, because they turned forty or fifty. But it is a fact that educated individuals are less endangered of unemployment. For instance, no employer will give up his valuable frame, because he or she is getting older and this is so, because important for him is his or her knowledge, experience and skills and not his or her appearance.

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Therefore, university degree gives its owner a secure life and provides a long career.

Taking everything into account, I believe that everyone who wants to have a good life should have a university education. Money is nothing and everything. Even if we have the best family poverty and unemployment will bring trouble and unhappiness in our family. Our future and successful living depends on our education.

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