University and libraries Essay

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University and libraries

The university libraries are mainly designed to be used by students. They contains big amounts of precious books, articles and other sources of knowledge. The libraries are the places of common good. We can even say that they are places of wisdom for every country and each citizen and the visitors have to be aware of its value. Thus there are certain behaviors expected while using the university libraries. At first, it is important to know how the libraries are organized.

Basically, inside them there is a system which helps users to find the item with dispatch. Every reader of the library receives a card of 24 hours entry which allows to entry the building around the clock. What is more, in the libraries is an opportunity to work in groups or individual in the own private study rooms which enables to discuss some issues out loud and not to disturb other people. Secondly, there are some certain attitudes expected from the readers, such as sharing materials because they are a common good, looking after the periodicals and books.

It is significant to be aware of the safety procedures of the library and to co operate with the working staff invariably. Furthermore, every reader ought to know that some ways of behavior shall be avoided. It is obvious that in the library eating and drinking are forbidden. At the same time, using mobile phones shall be also avoided. To sum up, university libraries are to be used by almost everybody. However, every reader shall remember that he has got his rights as well as obligations which has to be respected. An effort given by each user may facilitate using the libraries.

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