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In Defense of the Kalam Cosmological Argument

In conclusion, Kalam cosmological argument succeeded to explain the three premises, but they failed to provide adequate reasons to support their argument. Kalam first premise was that everything that exists has a source. The second premise was that the earth began to exist. The third kalam premise was that the universe has a source. Kalam cosmological argument violates the p...

Explain Aristotle's understanding of the Prime Mover

Whereas the Prime Mover is the opposite because it is a necessary being but one who does not in any way interact and act in the world. It is a impersonal being. Also the Judeo-Christian God is not completely immaterial. In Genesis 3, God 'walks' in the Garden of Eden and in the New Testament, God becomes man in the human form of Jesus. This belief is known as the incarnation ('God becomes flesh')....

Creation Myth Essay

There are many creation myths other than the creation myth of India and the creation myth Genesis. These two creation myths may be different but they are also the same. The similarities between these two myths is that their Gods are both supreme and they are both benign while the differences between these myths are that the reasons for the creations were different and the way the creations were ac...

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The World On A Turtle's Back

The cosmic creature became the home for people, lands, and animals who ride on its back because the turtle is the only one who can swim in the ocean. The turtle symbolizes life and interconnection of all living creatures and gods. Turtles were commonly seen as animals in earlier times. When the woman put the dirt on the turtle’s back, when she fell and walked around it in the same way the sun g...

Should Space Exploration Be Continued?

Space exploration will also improve our technology. The great invention such as satellite helps people in many ways. For example, the weather forecasting has “saved lives and help us prepare for the worst hurricanes and dangerous storm.” (“The Largest Benefits” np); The GPS has helped those astray people; also the cell phones and internet that we have used. All these great inventions have ...

Edward taylor and Metaphor

In conclusion, Edward Taylor uses metaphor to perfection.2 To think brillianty and to write brilliantly are two completely different things, and Edward Taylor does both. In both cases, Edward Taylor uses metaphor to call one thing something else. In “Meditation One,” He calls God’s love water, and in “The Reflection,” calls Earth a once Divine place. Ultimately, in “Meditation One,” ...

The Origin of the Universe

This process continues, and through telescopes we can now see stars forming out of compressed pockets of hydrogen in outer space. In 1992, instruments aboard the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite showed that 99.97 percent of the energy of the universe was released within the first year of its origin. This evidence seems to confirm the Big Bang theory, which holds that the universe origin...

Nature - Man Destruction

Green forestland of the Earth can be compared to the lungs of human. How healthy you are if their lungs are trespassed. I am sure that you will get more difficult with aspiration; as a result your health will be affect badly. From this example, we can infer that how serious problem our Earth has to face with. I wonder how long it can endure. In conclusion, the human beings harm the Earth. Human be...

The Distance to Andromeda

Two boys watched the survivors of the Earth, last men and women of this world ride a rocket to look for another place to live where water, air and other living creatures are present. As they travel they saw a brilliant water and a land that can be their new place to live in. And a typical family having a dinner, had a conversation about the future of a child and a realization of a thirteen year ol...

Bible vs. Native American Creation Stories

The Hopi Creation Story represents the first creatures as passing through four worlds...” (94). The Navajo Creation Story is like these two as well, only they fly instead of climbing through the four worlds. It is stated in the Navajo Creation Story, “Rather than climbing, as in the Zuni story, the Navajo Air-Spirit People fly” (95). When God created humans, they began life in the only one w...

Enuma Elish vs. Genesis

In a Christian dominated world, many would deny the fact that the story of Genesis is unoriginal, because of the possibility that accepting a story as unoriginal would make it inferior; thus leading many skeptics to further question the validity of Judaist teachings. In conclusion, Enuma Elish and Genesis have a distinctly akin nature, with the possibility of mutual cultural influences. Through de...

Fate and Destiny Due to Horoscopes and Astrology

Today, even though only a small percentage of people believe in it, books and columns on astrology rate higher than ever - no one can say why! I think curiosity has a big effect on the overall popularity of astrology and horoscopes. Horoscopes are illustrated by circles, called the ecliptic. It's the way the earth orbits around the sun in a year. Every planet (including the sun and moon) has a sig...

"Horses of the Night" by Margaret Laurence


Short Summary Essay on the Big Bang

The big bang theory also predicted the existence of cosmic background radiation (the radiation left over from the explosion itself). This radiation was observed in 1964 by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, providing further evidence that the Big Bang took place. The cosmic microwave background has the biggest cosmological red-shift known. It is due to the interstellar 'gas' that I mentioned earlier...

"High Tide in Tucson" Barbara Kingsolver

I've read a few of her essays and they are human and believable. (I.e. her feelings and thoughts about alternative families, feminism, sustainability and the environment) about; her 2-year-old daughter's acts of defiance, and occasionally frustration at the state of the world in which we live she does so with passion. The essay gives a warm tribute to our animal nature and its ability to tune itse...

Effects of Globalization on the Environment

These efforts are now on a continuum which only leaves our world to improvement. Globalization is the reason for this and without it our world would be at risk of inevitable destruction. Through the efforts of environmental agencies we as a world are now aware and informed of the dangers of what used to be every day practices. We can thank the rise of globalization for our continuing efforts for w...

Plato's "Myth of the cave"

In Plato's "Myth of the cave" points a person who is set free, and goes out to see the real world, and what lies behind the shadows of light that we see. Having been enlightened to the nature of reality, it is not easy to explain this to others. Humans in their unenlightened beginnings are symbolized as imprisoned at the back of a dark cave. The shadowy environment of the cave symbolizes for Plato...

Theories of the Origin of the Universe

But the most convincing evidence is the presence of the cosmic background radiation, a theoretical prediction about photons left over from the big bang. The big-bang theory predicted this remnant radiation, which now glows at a temperature just 3 degrees above absolute zero. Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite, launched in 1989, showed that 99.97% of the radiant energy of the universe was ...

A Woman's Place Is In The House

Thus, women should find the golden section between the responsibilities before their family and their job in order to be happy and please their family at the same time. Besides, there's enough time and competence for cooking and mending and a great soul such as that of women, equal to their mates, born to embrace all the beauty that exists in creation of divine origin and end, should not be wasted...

Role of Nature In "Frankenstein"

The use of "nature" in this novel is based upon the characteristic of the character. Changes in the two main characters as shown. The daemon possessed zero qualities when he first became alive but in the end nature helps him to understand the life he lives in. Frankenstein himself is dramatically traumatized as he is in this situation of finding the daemon and it killing him. He was the creator af...

The Big Bang Theory

com/bigbang. php (accessed on 11th June 2009) Gibbs, W. W. (1995). Scientific American, October 1995, 273: 55. Hubble, E. (1929). "A Relation Between Distance and Radial Velocity Among Extra-Galactic Nebulae". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 15: 168–173. Huda (2009). Creation of the Universe Six "Days" or Long Periods of Time [online] Available at: http://islam. about. com/od/cre...

Theogony: Greek Mythology and Zeus

The story of Prometheus acts as simply a means by which certain elaborations and explanations can be made. Just as Prometheus, son of Iapetos provides fire to man, Hesiod’s tale of Prometheus provides a deeper comprehension of the attitudes of Zeus, king of the gods, and an acceptable cause for the evils that plague mankind. Prometheus has no value in himself; even his rescue by Herakles was ach...

Compare Essay Between Inception & Interstellar

And narrate freely he did. Entirely original films that are becoming increasingly rare among the output of the other studios. Christopher Nolan is now one of the biggest names in the movie industry boasting blockbuster movies to his name, such as Interstellar and Inception (Den of Geek, Ryan Lambie, 2014). Two mind warping movies that blasted its way through the movie screens and imprinting itself...

The World is a Smaller Place these Days

I’m sure some of you might already be on Whatsapp while I’m giving my speech, right? Well, you might be texting someone in Australia, India or even China and that’s what makes our world a smaller place. We are crossing boundaries even as I speak, being able to use technology and innovative ideas, we are able to make people connect without the hassle and troubles that may be time consuming. E...

Dark Energy, Dark Matter

However, at this point, there are still a few dark matter possibilities that are viable. Baryonic matter could still make up the dark matter if it were all tied up in brown dwarfs or in small, dense chunks of heavy elements. These possibilities are known as massive compact halo objects, or "MACHOs". But the most common view is that dark matter is not baryonic at all, but that it is made up of othe...

Man vs. Nature

The man in the “Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer” refuses to adapt to his environment, and attempts to separate himself from it. He cannot stand the un-enclosed space around him, so he builds boundaries and “The house pitched/ the plot staked/ in the middle of nowhere” to withdraw himself from nature and to keep it out. “Not Just a Platform for my Dance” steps aside from man vs. nat...

Function of a Myth

For example the Trojan ware exemplifies this definition: The story of the Trojan War has a metaphysical or mystical function, helping those who hear it to accept the limitations of their lives. The Gods in the story represent higher forces in the universe, which determine the fate of humans. For instance, the amount of the judgment of Paris shows that human beings are often powerless as they are s...

Dark Matter, Dark Energy

These discoveries highlighted the seemingly inversely proportional relationship between dark matter, an attractive force, and dark energy, a repulsive force. When the Universe was young and the galaxies closer together, dark matter’s attractive force was the dominant force at work, but as the galaxies became more distant from each other, dark matter’s influence waned and the repelling force of...

Scientific: Human and Science

Atomic energy, for instance, can perform as great constructive miracles as the havoc by its bombs. Let the scientists utilise it for peaceful purposes as vigorously as they applied it for destruction, and it will not be long before the world is turned into a veritable. Paradise. At bottom, therefore, the problem of science is a moral problem. Man has to learn to be fair, accommodating and just. If...

Radioactive decay

” Yours and my future has a general direction, but it’s not spelled out to the T. I find this integrated stance on the Free Will vs Determinism debate quite gratifying for two reasons. First, it concedes to scientific evidence and is not just some irrational hope for a comforting, but usually whimsical, assertion of Free Will; while, second, it portends that there is some unpredictability in t...

The Inclusion of Transgender Women in the Miss Universe

Is it fair including transgender women in the Miss Universe pageant or in any beauty pageants that originally allow only biological females, for that matter? Being a predominantly Catholic/Christian country, what is the impact of the inclusion of the transgender woman in the Miss Universe pageant to the population, especially the youth? How do different people react to this recent development? Wha...

Mtv : Target Market and Demographics

Second, MTV educates and familiarizes today's teenage culture with the changing society. Thirdly, MTV devotes all of its programming to serve the interest of the public demographic. There are many reasons why MTV is aiming to capture the teenage audience. First, today's teenage culture bases their agendas around the mass media. It is very common for teenagers to arrange their plans around certain ...

Response Paper

He goes on to bring in the problem of evil after recognizing the probability of God. He extends the boundaries for arguing God, whilst opening the floor to debate free will and the apparent comfort of the atheistic belief system. However, through careful analysis of the arguments for God, and an insight into the mysterious free will that God has given man; we see that a theistic belief is logicall...

Ultimate Reality: Plato vs Aristotle

Plato believes that our current world is a depiction of something else; what he calls a true reality. By putting off bodily desires, a human can see past the imitations in this world by using the Forms. Opposing Plato’s ideas of true reality, Aristotle illustrates that we cannot know anything until we already have knowledge of whatever this substance may be. His idea of the Forms is completely d...

Stargazing and Solar Viewing

Meteorites are classified into three types based on their composition: Iron, Stony, and Stony-iron. Iron meteorites have densities of about 7.8 g/mL and contain on average 91% iron, 8% nickel and 0.6% cobalt. Stony meteorites have densities of about 3.4 g/mL and average contain 42% oxygen, 20.6% silicon, 15.8% magnesium, and 15.6% iron, no other element exceeding 2%.Stony-iron meteorites are inter...

Parallel Universe

A physicist by the name of Alan Guth came up with a parallel universes theory based on many observations. References to his theory are called inflationary universe or inflationary theory of cosmology. (7)Professor Guth is currently the Victor F. Weisskopf Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 8)Many of Professor Guth’s peers believe that his theory is correct. (9)He ...

Across the Universe Army Draft Scene Close Analysis

Taymor’s intention in this sequence is clear from the outset; it is imperative to the story that we as an audience dislike the army so she has sculpted the scene so we can take no other meaning from it. While a tyranical mode of directing, it is effective and beneficial to the film. We are led to feel the loss of human life and the fear of the army’s production line. We are led to fear war, an...

Iroquois Creation Myth

The Iroquois creation myth can have minor differences depending on who tells it, as the 6 nations making up the Iroquois covered a sizeable amount of land and have quite a history. The Iroquois creation myth gives the Iroquois people a guide for their priorities, with the well being of them and the well being of nature in a being held in balance at the fore front. This idea is still relevant today...

Interpretations of American History

Many critics found flaws in his idealogy, but at the same time it inspired them to find answers to questions that plagued the people. Over the past 400 years, these historians all had different stances on how they thought to improve society. With the mix of cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities no two viewpoints will ever be exactly the same. Couvares summed it up perfectly by stating that histori...

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