Universal Motives Essay

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Universal Motives

What are universal motives? What are some examples of universal motives?

            In the aspect of psychology, scientist study and determine the behavioral characteristics of each individual based on their personal motives and interest On this aspect, human person basically react, decide, or simply act towards the achievements of their motives and interest. Thus, ensuring the achievement or the satisfaction of these factors can significantly motivate or encourage a person towards a certain reaction or behavioral conditioning. Because of which, the factor of motives and interest become an important factor in the determination of the behavioral pattern and characteristics of each individual.

            In the field of behavioral pattern and psychological characteristic, several factors are considered to be of universal nature as the general society display similar interest towards the achievement or satisfaction of these certain factors. Due to which, the scientific society established these factors to be universal motives as they are rooted in the innate needs and characteristics of the human behavior in general. Included in this category are the motives for food or survival, job for biosocial function, sex for reproduction and physiological pleasure, friends or family for social acceptance, bodily comfort, health, specific fears, and others.

These motives are commonly shared by the universal human population or certain social regions thus, becoming a similar factor in the field of human behavior. The manifestation and development of these universal motives in each individual likewise become a unique characteristic based on the origin of these influences such as environmental factors, social inheritance, biological structures, and others. In general, these motivational factors are commonly shared by the human population giving them their universal characteristics.

            The satisfaction of these universal motives are generally important in the behavioral modification and conditioning in the social perspective as these factors serves as the common interest of the people. Likewise, the achievement of these universal motives are essential as they are based on the basic needs of each individual in the physiological and biological nature thus, important for their welfare and survival. As such, considering these factors is important in understanding the human behavioral characteristics and patterns in both the individual and social perspective.


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