Universal Health Care Is Socialism Essay

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Universal Health Care Is Socialism

Europe is considered one of the most ideal places to live. Its fascinating history and being home to some of the worlds most beautiful sights, who wouldn’t want to live there. While those are great incentives, some educated might argue that there are better amenities if one decides to reside there. Aside from what I just listed, Europe is home to some of the best working conditions. A 30-hour workweek, lengthy vacation packages, its wide-ranging early retirement benefits and its government sponsored health care coverage (Goldman). While some call this desirable, everyone calls it socialism. Socialism is an act of government stepping into the free market in an attempt to equally distribute goods to the public. Therefore the liberal agenda to enforce a universal healthcare system in America is an act of socialism.

America was built and is where it is today due to our free market, or for a better term, capitalism. Capitalism is having the power in the people, letting the people decide how and what they want to spend their money on with no interference from the government. Letting the people strive and attempt to achieve the highest paycheck is the best way to motivate workers, therefore increasing the economic output as well as GDP. When a government takes more money away from the rich in hope to provide more for the lower classes with generous benefits for little work, it can erase the incentive for hard work. Therefore decreasing workflow as well as total economic prosperity.

Merriam Webster defines socialism as any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Socialism dates back to the 1700’s during the French Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was seen as machinery replacing human labor. With poor housing, poor working conditions, slave labor, and the richer, all led to the envy for a society that was more equal, and with these conditions continuing to grow, the socialist ideas caught on rapidly (truth-it).

The socialist movement is instilled in Europe and, here in America, the Democratic party has pushing and pressuring the federal government into developing political and economic system, similar to Europe’s. This movement led by President Obama and his left leaning supporters has been bringing America’s capitalistic system closer to the socialist left, that of Europe. Universal health care being a front-runner of his massive government spending plans has only been a glimpse of the socialist agenda and the true desires the President has for this country.

The people of America needed to decide if they wanted to move in this direction or stick with our roots and continue on our free market economy. I believe that after this recent election and the Republicans winning a majority in the House of Representatives shows the direction most Americans want to focus our effort and energy as a country. That being in a more, free market, free of universal health care.

This increase in government spending can only be financed by increasing taxes or government borrowing. While we should be open to all ideas, we should take a look at how socialism has affected Europe. The people of Europe are just now facing the reality of their lavish lifestyle for the past few years, many people were not making as much as they were spending. Leading a breakdown in their economy and now facing the hurt of a deep recession.

Universal health care falls into the realm of Socialism due to the fact that government would be responsible for funding this massive new program. Government would be controlling the distribution of the health care as well as funding. That definition could also describe the regulations already set in Europe, where is widely accepted as a socialist policy.

Universal health care would be an attempt to properly cover all Americans with adequate health care for a very low, if not a free, price. Stating that all Americans deserve health insurance and anything else is unacceptable. For this to become true government would have to own and regulate the vast majority of health care therefore taking responsibility for the use and distribution health care.

While many people are reluctant to dub universal health care as socialism, the truth of the matter it is. They need to realize if we go ahead with this act we will be drifting away from our roots of a capitalistic society. Socialism has taken over Europe and is to blame for their current state.

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