Universal Education Essay

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Universal Education

Educate because knowledge is the only thing that can be in life. Let me explain why universal education is one of the most important things in life. There are some reasons that is really important for everybody. Universal Education is an educational project that should involve every country in the world, as education can promote fundamental qualities and values, including ethics, wisdom and responsibility.

Thus, being universal means that education can be shared by all people regardless of age, culture, race or religion. The goal is to educate for a meaningful life, and because change begins at home. Education can help to develop the potential and thus achieve happiness and personal excellence. It can also to contribute to the welfare of others and result in a better society and a more harmonious world. Today, most people do not know their own reality, the whole complex of human nature.

There are some examples, but one that most impressed me was this: “The chances of young people who have completed primary education from contracting HIV are half of those who have not received education. Universal primary education would prevent 700,000 cases of HIV each year, approximately 30% of all new infections in this age group”. (Oxfam) Every human being should have the opportunity to build a better life. Unfortunately, too many children are growing up today in the world without that opportunity because they are denied the basic right to even attend primary school.

To end up, once and for all, extreme poverty in the world as we know it, we must move to achieve peace and security Citizens of every country should have opportunities and choices to ensure their welfare and their families. References Lama, Yeshe. “What is universal education? ”. [Online]. Available at: www. educacionunivesal. org , June 2012. Bont, Paco. “Education Front”. [ONLINE] available at: www. elblogpacobono. blogspot. com September 12th, 2011.

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