Unity in diversity skit Essay

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Unity in diversity skit

We all know that India is not only known for technology industries but also because of it’s variety of people, numerous languages, multiple customs and traditions; different races with different faces and marvelous landscapes. These always project India among other countries like “unity in diversity”. Most of us never know about northern states and North Indians like vise- versa but yet we join hands to support any sensational news created by media like Anna Hazare’s corruption movement. We never know how many languages are exiting in our country. There are about 28 states each have its own language, tradition, culture but inspite of these differences India still continues to be one of the most widen democracy. So Today I Muskan Khanna with my group Naughty Teenagers is here to perform a comic skit to show UNITY IN DIVERSITY and how small things like sports binds all of us together. But before starting our play I want to introduce you all with the characters of my play.

In this play Bhawna is playing the role of a Sushma who belongs to Uttar Pradesh, Ghazal who is playing the role of Kaveri belongs to Bihar, Stuti who is playing the role of Aparajita Ghoshal belongs to Bengal, Rashi who is playing the role of Barkha belongs to Rajasthan, Sumit who is a Maharashtra boy Baburao Ganpatrao, Shreyans a Punjabi boy Daljeet Singh, Sakshi a Punjabi girl Jaspreet Kaur, Milind a tamil boy and Rudraksh is playing the role of an English teacher. So let me take you all to a classroom where people from different states have come to learn English & how the teacher has a horrible time. SCENE-1 Teacher: So you are here to learn English..?

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