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Unity 3D

Based on our research Game development is the process of creating video games and games can be developed as an artistic outlet and to produce a lot of money. Game developer is software developer, business or an individual who is in charge in creating video games. There are many types of video games examples areRPG, Actiongames, Adventure games, Strategy games, Vehicle Simulation games, Puzzle games, Sports games and many more. On this part the researchers discussed the data gathered in some related games in the World Wide Web or internet and study it to serve as reference to the project. Unity 3D as a Game development tool

Firstly we could see in this article is all about Unity 3D and initially Unity is an integrated development tool used for creating interactive 3D software, like 3D games and simulations games. Based on our research Unity3D is a superior 3D engine and the environment of Unity 3D is very simple to understand and easy to use for a beginner. Unity should interest anyone who wants create 3D games and game applications in cell phone, desktop and many more. Unity’s iterative light map baking gives you complete control of your light mapping workflow. The integrated light mapping tool, Beast, perfectly bakes lights into textures for amazing performance. You can opt to spend time baking only the parts of the scene you are actively working on. Unity facilitates the smooth deployment of your single-player games online, with options such as adding high scores, chat, and real-time interaction and Unity also makes the complexities of real-time networking easy to negotiate.

Turning a single-player game into a networked multiplayer game requires few changes to your existing code, and you never have to worry about networking technicalities like NAT punch through Unity also helps you quickly bring your scene to life with automatic navigation mesh. A navigation mesh is a summary of data structure used in artificial intelligence applications to aid agent in path-finding through large spaces. Lastly Unity also provides powerful tools for resonant scenes. Like In-game audio is powered by FMOD, one of the world’s most widely used libraries and toolkits for the creation and playback of interactive audio.

In Scripting with Unity it brings you fast iteration and execution and the strength and flexibility of a world-leading programming environment. Scripting is uncluttered, straightforward and incredibly fast. In Unity, you write simple behavior scripts in JavaScript, C# or Boo. All three languages are easy to use and run the three programs is an open source so it means you can download it just for free. Unity 3D also offers a free unlimited trail version of the software, but also sells Unity Pro, a more feature-rich professional version. In addition they offer developers a source code license if they encounter limitations in the Unity Pro development environment, allowing programmers to extend the capabilities of Unity.

Techniques in 3D Modeling

In this article it will discuss what 3D modeling is all about and we could see in this article the different techniques in modeling. Firstly the Primitive modeling is a very basic modeling technique and hence has several draw backs too. The software tool like 3D Max, Maya andmany more.Provides a set of 3D primitives like spheres, boxes, triangles etc. The artist alters these shapes to suit his/her character modeling needs, using lattices, deformers and many more.Primitive modeling technique is more suitable for building objects like houses, furniture etc rather than, for live organic modeling. Next is the “NURBS” or Non Uniform Rational B-spline. If we see this modeling technique from an outer view, all we see is a set of simple curves that we call NURBS. How the 3D tool implemented it we don’t need to care much these curves are very flexible and have control points on them which we can use to change its shape.

The NURBS modeling has its advantages and disadvantages. It is an easy to model approach, since the NURBS curves are easy to manipulate. But this modeling technique has limited extensibility. Suppose you want to add an extra limb to your alien creature after the modeling is complete, it will become extremely difficult, if you choose NURBS modeling. Finally the surface modeling, this is the widely adopted modeling technique used primarily for organic modeling. In this modeling technique, the 3D artist creates a spline cage profile for the 3D character. The splines intersect between each other, creating a completely closed profile of the character, unlike the NURBS technique. This method has the advantage that it can be extended to adapt to varied requirements, during any stage of the modeling process. This offers a lot of flexibility to the artist. This technique is used widely in 3D animation software’s.

Autodesk 3Ds Max

3Ds max is one of the most powerful and popular desktop 3D graphics programs available today the program is used for a wide variety of commercial and artistic applications, including architecture , computer games, film production, forensic, medical and scientific visualization, virtual reality, web design and even fine art. In auto desk 3Ds Max where you can create alien planets, towering ruins, heroes, villains and create your own paradise. By harnessing your imagination to 3Danimation, you can make animals prowl and mountain as people run through quivering jungles. But before you start creating chaos and quest you need to learn the basics about 3ds max if you have mastered the skill in how to navigate viewports, control the display, create and select objects, and transform your creations. Then you will learn how to model objects in greater details. Example of Car Racing PC game:

Dirt 3

Based on our research Dirt 3 is a rally Car racing video game and the third in the Dirt series of the Colin McRae Rally series, developed and published by Code masters. However, the “Colin McRae” tag has been completely removed from this iteration (having previously been removed from only American versions of previous games in the series). The game was released in Europe and North America on 24 May 2011, and two days later in Australia for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Japanese version of Dirt 3 was released on 25 August 2011. F1 Online:

One example of a Car racing PC game in Unity is the F1 Online it is the Game that uses an innovative control method that allows anyone with a mouse to take part in exhilarating races with up to 24 players on stunning circuits from around the world. Test your racing prowess over a selection of 19 officially licensed circuits and 18 custom-built circuits spanning 6 continents.

Discover the perfect racing line, master corner braking and learn to deploy
DRS and KERS at the right moment to drive your team to victory. The more successful you are on the track, the more rewards you will earn. http://www.naturalmotiongames.com/games/csrracing/


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