United States Essay Topics

Economy of US

President George W. Bush, in a speech before his economic team on August 8, 2007 talked about the nation’s thriving economy. President Bush said: “I just finished a productive meeting with members of my economic team. We discussed our thriving economy and what we need to do to keep it that way. We care a… View Article

Economy of the United States

The time is considerably improved for the distinctive American citizen of 2007 than for a citizen of the 1800s. An array of economic policies known as import substitution is frequently quoted as the central reason of Latin America’s crises in the 1980s. The stratagem had outsized harmful upshots on economic growth in the 1980s reacting… View Article

Industrial growth

Industrial growth was mainly concentrated in the North and East of the United States. According to our text in the year 1890 more than 85 percent of manufactured goods originated from here. The West was not as settled as the Eastern and Midwestern portions of our country, but still played a major role supplying raw… View Article

The Success of US Economy in 2004-2007

Economics and professionals economists have felt the heed of a series of books economic subjects which is not filled by usual textbooks or by the highly technical treatise.  This present series are published under the general title ‘The Economics handbook series with the interest of informing any reader in general. They are short volumes that… View Article

Economic Status of The United States in 1950

Emerging victorious from World War II five years earlier, the United States in 1950 was reaping the benefits of a growing economy – benefits that were actually derived out of the country’s participation in the War. The destruction and mayhem brought by the global conflict also brought with it several positive contributions to the economy…. View Article

Economic Policy

The essence of economic policy in the areas of urban housing, urban education, and urban transportation in the United States National Government is cored on the achievement of trade targets. Boosting its market efficiency and redistribution of supply and services grounded on public values are its primary interest (Feldstein, 1999). These economic policies make up… View Article

War in Iraq on the US economy

The United States’ minding the business of Iraq has been classified as a good deed by some people especially the people of Kuwait. Here Iraq invaded Kuwait to annex it as one of its provinces under the leadership of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. However, some quarters feel that this is an invasion into the private affairs… View Article

National Federation of Independent Business v Sebelius

Life was different back in the 1880s. The telephone had just been invented, James Garfield was president, and doctors used heroin and cocaine as medicine. Alas, many doctors knew very little about medicine. Oftentimes unsafe and unsterile practices were used on patients. The NY Times reports that, “At least a dozen medical experts probed the… View Article

South Carolina Nullification

Throughout the great American history, Americans have been through a colossal amount of conflicts, and wars. However, they still figured out a way to compromise and accept each other’s differences. As America improves, they gradually lead to a making of a powerful and organized government. Yet in “South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification” a conflict arises,… View Article

North vs South

The United States before the civil war was basically split into two regions, the North and the South. These two regions had very different cultures, economics, and climates which led to different life styles and perspectives. Problems caused by the differences between the North and the South eventually led the nation into a great civil… View Article

Martin Luther King, Obama, and Douglass

Countless have said that all men were created equal, but what about the prodigious black men of all time. Were King, Douglass, and Obama all created equal, or were these men chosen to be predestined for greatness? What constitutes “greatness” in politics? Names that come readily to mind, like Martin Luther King, Jr. , Frederick… View Article

White People and San Francisco

Discriminatory treatment of the Chinese and the Negroes by the white Americans Took notes of first-hand impressions of America, what he had seen and experienced Arrival in San Francisco Arrival in San Francisco Steamer Belgic 643 Chinese coolies American health authorities placed the ship under quarantine False-cholera claim Protest of Rizal and other passengers “The… View Article

Asian American Stereotypes in Film

Asian Americans only make up a small percent of the American population. Even more significant is that this percentage live mostly on the west and east coasts of mainland United States and Hawaii; leaving the rest of the American population to most likely get their exposures to Asians through television and movies. However the exposure… View Article

Essays by American Minorities

1. The Age of White Guilt by: Shelby Steele In this essay written by African American Shelby Steele, he tells of the hard times of his people. He leads the reader through his experiences in the civil rights movement and compares the life of an African American in the 1960’s and one in the present… View Article

Red, White, and Black by Gary Nash

Gary Nash author of Red, White, and Black purpose to their readers is describing the early colonists, but also the relationships toward Europeans, the Indians, and the Africans. Nash successfully analyzes the impact of the colliding three cultures and interprets them to give an overall theme about the relationships between those who made America what… View Article

Reparations: African Americans Justice

The United States government should pay reparations to African Americans as a means of admitting their wrong-doing and making amends. The damages African Americans have sustained from White America’s policy of slavery have been agonizing and inhumane. Therefore, I am in favor of reparations for African Americans. The effect of slavery has been an enduring… View Article

The Significance of African American History

Dictionary. com defined the word history as “continuous” systematic narrative of past events as relation to a particular people, country, period, person, according to the meaning of the word History, it full knowledge will improve African American status. Despite the transition of Africans from West Africa to America and used them as slaves to work… View Article

Analysis of Asian American

The United States has become the most diverse society on the face of the earth. For more than a century, most immigrants to the United States were Europeans—Germans, English, Italians, and so forth. However, according to “Globalization and Contemporary Immigration to the United States” by Min Zhou and J. V. Gatewood, “non-European immigration to the… View Article

L’oreal and the Globalization of American Beauty

How did L’Oreal become the world’s largest beauty company? What was the role of acquisitions in the growth? The global strategy of Loreal started first from European countries like Austria, Italy, and the Holland providing hare care and hair color products. After the launch in the USA, they decided to expand their market share by… View Article

Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans

In “Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans,” Richard Rodriguez points out that America has become a place that is fully populated by immigrants from around the world. He asserts that there is no way to assign race names to citizens because everyone can be multiple races. According to Rodriguez, Americans create labels (e. g. Hispanic) in… View Article

What Makes an American?

While observing America and its social structure, being a college student who migrated to this country just nine years ago makes me wonder where I stand. Technically, I am no longer an immigrant because I am a citizen and I am able to vote, and I feel as though I have gone through a quick… View Article

African American Population

At the beginning of each decade in the United States a census is taken to determine the population (Gale, 2008). While the 2000 census states that the African American population makes up 13% of the American population. And predicts it will stay the same percentage until the year 2050. The African American population will reproduce… View Article

African American Essay

My name is Michelle Williams-Agwagu and my ethnicity group is African American. African Americans came here by forced immigration. They were not invited here to America, and they certainly did not come here by choice. They were forced and taken on ships that brought them to America just to become slaves to the white people…. View Article

African American Struggle

The story of African immigration is unique among immigrant groups, just as the African experience in America has been exclusively essential to the course of American life. Unlike other immigrants, most Africans came to North America against their will, caught up in a cruel system of human exploitation. The treatment we endured in the United… View Article

Are Asains Becoming White

1) Asian Americans have been stereotyped under the image of being a model minority from the mid-1960s to our present day (Macionis 2010:278). Being a model minority means “overcoming extreme hardships and discrimination to achieve success (Macionis 2010:278). ” Success “economically, socially, and educationally…without resorting to confrontation with Whites (Schaefer 2009: 252). ” Asian Americans… View Article

The Patriot Act and 1984 by George Orwell

Just by saying there are no rules, people are free to express what they feel, and everyone has freedom of speech doesn’t make it true. The Patriot Act and 1984 by George Orwell prove that these statements are completely false. People of a higher power may tell the population that new rules are for “security”… View Article

Monroe Doctrine

Ever since its inception as a nation, the United States of America followed a foreign policy of isolationism right up to president Jefferson. This was become the European nations, which were at the helm of American affairs, were involved in several conflicts and turmoil, and American presidents realized the folly of involving such a young… View Article

US Foreign Policy Post 9/11

Following the trаgic events of 9/11 when hijаcked plаnes crаshed into the World Trаde Center аnd the Pentаgon which resulted in the death of three thousаnd people, the United Stаtes foreign policy, under President George W. Bush, zeroed in on terrorism аs its mаin focus аnd plunged recklessly down the slippery pаth of “preventive аction”… View Article

New Jersey v TLO

New Jersey v. T. L. O. , (1985) is the case that impacted me the most. It is a decision by the US Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of a search of a public high school student after she was caught smoking. A search of her purse revealed drug paraphernalia, marijuana, and documentation of drug… View Article

The Nez Perce’ Treat

The Nez Perce’ Treaty of 1855 was signed by Chief Joseph, the father of infamous Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce’ Indian Tribe. In 1855, Chief Joseph’s father, Old Joseph, signed a treaty with the United States Government that allowed his people to retain much of their traditional lands. In 1863 another treaty was created… View Article