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United States History Essay

The political, economic and social background of English colonialism during the period of 1603-1763 in North America envisions the great thought of European period of exploration because of its ever-forgotten influence in the New World. In early sixteenth century, many colonies were established in North America and among them the Southern and Central areas of English settlement were discovered to benefit more profit from their landlords of English kingdom. As the colonies maintained the international plan of trade extraction, they have close allegiance with indigenous population.

The importance of changing economic and political relationships between the Indians and Englishmen seemed to be an essential issue in the history of North America. It created a sensation to develop the growth of awareness in both Whites and Indians because of their business contacts. To protect themselves and to maintain the business of commercial extractions and to maintain the freedom of religious beliefs, the colonies were established a democratic government during their ruling time period in England.

Because of close contact with indigenous population of North America, colonists were faced with varied set of societies who were fundamentally different from the societies in Europe. Most of the colonists treated the native people as ferocious and envisioned them as an icon to structure the society. In a work, The Rediscovery of North America (1990), Lopez says, … the physical destruction of a local landscape to increase the wealth of people who don’t live there, or to supply materials to buyers in distant places who will never know the destruction that process leaves behind .

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The main feature that resulted by English colonization was massive immigration, which brought out the concept of multiculturalism. Broadly speaking, colonialism forms the economic and political strategies of domination with the principles self-government over the population. The other essential feature of English colonization in North America in the period of 1607-1763 was the European global expansionism, which was treated in late fifteenth century with an emphasis on English expansionism in North America. Basically, the European immigration to the America had been studied in histories, diaries and classics.

The main purpose of European immigration to America may be to get freedom from religious discrimination and to develop economic strategy. The negative aspect, by the European settlers when entered the America during fifteenth century was lose of population by dreadful diseases like small pox, measles. Because of this reason, European settlement drastically reduced the North America population. As the colonists brought a wide range of deadly diseases from European cities and spread in North America, most of the people of North America were suffered, as they had no immunity to protect from dreadful diseases.

Because of the European settlement, the North America faced many critical situations by colonization. Thus the struggle between European imperial powers and the social, economic, and political issues of late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in North America were remained as the memorable milestone in American history. On the other side, the invasion of European global expansionism brought out the Western civilization in the New World, by the introduction of four major common languages. 1) English 2) Spanish 3) Portuguese 4) French.

The colonies introduced many European concepts to the Americas such as European written form of communication, their form of government, and European technological knowledge of science, medicine and art to develop the world to a great extent. Hence the English colonization in North America was placed a dynamic position into the global political economy in the period 1603-1763 and became as a source of narrative to many authors to portray the ever last moment of American history.


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