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United States

Nowadays most of students after graduating high school start to think and infer which college or university will offer education and affordable tuition. Some future students decide on its prestige, well known student life, or the distance from home to school. When I graduated from high school, I had to decide stay in my native country and study at the university or come over to the United States of America. I chose being in the USA and study at Lone Star College for many reasons. First reason why I chose to attend this college is the unique distance. I would say I drive from my house to school approximately for 3 minutes or even can take a walk for 10 minutes.

That is amazing when you get to school in a couple minutes and you do not have to stick in permanent heavy traffic in the morning or afternoon. When school is close to the house, students will not have problems with attendance. Another reason was incredibly low tuition fee because it is pretty minor for international students. Even when student has financial problems, this college has all financial helps. For instance, scholarships and loans are available for students. All these financial help open doors for every student who is interested in being educated.

Finally I chose this college because all my major classes are in one campus. My prospective major is petroleum engineering, so I spend lots of time in the library studying math and other subjects. I am very lucky that I do not need to waste my precious time being stuck in traffic before I get from one campus to another. Lone Star College is the best community college and I suggest for future students choose very carefully their colleges or universities. There are lots of colleges with their unique teachers and students and it is not easy to make a decision.

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