United States Declaration of Independence Essay

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United States Declaration of Independence

John Locke was one of the most important and influential philosophers ever in history, which he expressed through writing. John Locke was born on August 29, 1632 to John Locke and Agnes Keene, in a cottage by the church in Wrington, in the English county of Somerset. Immediately after he was born he was baptized. Both of his parents were Puritans and he was raised that way. His father was a country lawyer and a military man, in which he was a captain during the English Civil War.

John Locke received a great education because of his father’s connections to the English government. In 1647, John joined Westminster school in London, this is where he earned the honor of being named King’s Scholar, this made it so he got into Christ Church, Oxford in 1652. At this new school he studied metaphysics, logic, and classical languages. He came back two years later after graduating in 1656, and got his Master of Arts. After he got his Master of Arts he got a Bachelor of medicine. John Locke later moved to Shaftesbury’s home in London.

When he moved there he was chosen as Lord Ashley’s personal physician. He continued his studies of medicine while he was there, with help from Thomas Sydenham. John also was a secretary of the Board of Trade and Plantations and Secretary to the Lords and Proprietors of the Carolinas. Later after the fall of Shaftesbury in 1675, John traveled across France as a tutor and also medical attendant. After he did that he came back to London and John was convinced to write the two treatises of government.

His work that he did concerning the treaties is looked as upon a more odd argument conflicting absolute monarchy and for individual agreement as the basis. His ideas about natural rights and government are still being seen as a huge revolution for that period in English history. Locke got relocated to the Netherlands because he was a suspect but there wasn’t enough evidence for him to be prime suspect in the Rye House Plot. During his time in the Netherlands he focused on his writing, and rewrote “Essay Concerning Human Understanding”.

After the revolution he returned back to London and published “Essay Concerning Human Understanding”, “Two Treatises of Civil Government” and “A Letter Concerning Toleration”. All of his writing had a huge impact on the Western philosophy. Later after his publishing he died on October 28, 1704 and was buried in the churchyard of the village of High Laver, John Locke never did settle down and married nor had children of his own in his life. Even after his death he has left a great impact but especially on Western thought.

His ideas dealing with the separation of state and church, freedom, liberty, and religion, influenced European thinkers but also Voltaire, who was the French Enlightenment writer and helped shape the ideas of America’s founders, like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. His influence also had an effect on the Declaration of Independence, the constitutional separation of powers, and the Bill of Rights. Without johns impact we would have less understanding on his ideas he showed through his writings, which are still very important to the world. Later he got moved to the Netherlands because of the Rye.

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