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United States as the Sole Super Power Essay

At the end Cold War between United States of America and Soviet Union, the rivalry for attaining supremacy has been opened to all most influence countries throughout the globe. The collapsed of Soviet Union’s military initiates the United States to step-up to influence the economy, military and political control. The Soviet Union without appearance, the United States invaded Iraq in 1990, giving evidence to the country’s supremacy. The United States as a country built united citizens, tough republic, strong economy, and physically powerful military forces.

No country in the rest of the world could level the achievements of United States and advancement of its technology. Not only the United States had influence in its mainland but also influence the economy, culture and traditions of many developed and developing countries throughout the world. The United States have businesses, lands and properties around the globe. In addition, the country had all the connections in terms of political control, natural resources and alliances of any country in the world. In recent years, the United States transform many of the countries in Asia to a democratic country.

The United States beget education as passport to the country’s penetration to other country / land. Not all countries do favor dominancy of United States. In example, the communist countries like China and Iraq wage war to United States to elude occupation to the country’s wealth. Like the United States and Soviet Union, an outlook in lieu of an idea varies between countries and such squabble resulted to war. Expansion of territories leads to creation of empire. Like in the Soviet Union’s realm, the United States sole super power would collapsed and other supreme country would emerged and control the world’s economy and military power.

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The world’s view towards supremacy would transform / revolutionize. Similar to the Soviet Union and British Empire, the United States supremacy won’t continue to dominate the world. The Roman Empire lasted 700 years and the British Empire lasted 300 years. The history does indicate manifestation of the collapse of any empire built in the world. In general, the problems experienced by the United States in expansion of economic and military power are causes / signs of the country’s fall down. As the United States search to adapt multi-polar economy, China and India reoccupy economic power little by little in the world market.

Supremacy needs economic wealth and, as United States economy continues to shrink and overshadows by other countries, the political and military clout is principally affected. Although the present economy of the United States is well-built, its geopolitics becomes insubstantial. Loss of the country’s political control would mean defragmentation of the country’s hegemony. The war in Iraq showed incomparability of the United States military. But, other countries advancement in military would always be a threat to the United States.

Furthermore, the development of other countries military would level-up and / or out value the recent strength of the United States military. The condition of the United States today does not mean absolute control through the globe. The world recognizes United States as a super power country but not a sole super power nation. The world does have major significant power countries and considered multi-polar. The European Union, India, Russia and China, are the countries with influence to the world’s economy, culture, and political control. These countries compete to the United States influence to the world.

The Europe’s large population, economy, and political stability are some measures that level-up the United States. On the other hand, China continues to expand its economy and military forces. Chinese businessman continues to spread out the mainland China and influence the world market. India and Russia continues to expand its economy and advance military. United States would not remain in hegemony as always as it comes into view. Other influential countries still strive to overshadow United States and become superpower. The United States bipartisan foreign policy does imposed preeminence and / or hegemony to United States.

The bipartisan foreign policy does have advantages to Unites States in terms of economic and political gains. In recent years, no country even the influential countries can challenge / contest the economy, political control, and military of United States. As of today, the European Union is still divided, experienced inflation, unemployment and unsteady political control. China’s focus is on economic expansion while Russia’s population decreases as its military forces shrink. These countries can not level-up to the status of the United States as of today.

The United States role in the rest of the world is in need by countries still developing and lack technological advancement. The country’s economy is expanding, political control is stable, and its military is physically powerful. The United States do control the world and continues until a country is able to level-up the present status of United States. The universal ideology of today will change as time passes by; many countries are striving to overshadow the economy, political control, cultural influence, and military advancement of the United States.

Although the countries such as; China, India, Russia, and European Union were not ready to defy United Stated, these countries continues to advance technologically without the United States recognizing it. The history repeats from itself; the Roman Empire, Soviet Union hegemony and British Empire lasts; the United States Empire will last also. Until one super power country will materialized, United States supremacy can be challenged and / or collapsed. The world still need the United States to the development of other developing countries, expand global relations with other powerful countries and maintain peace and order in the world.

“None of this is to say that the United States will not continue to be one of the most important powers – only that its days of first dictating and then guaranteeing the rules are numbered in an era in which it has become a debtor nation. ” (Rieff, p. 1. ).

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