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United States

My life is different today than what it was seven years ago. Seven years ago, I lived in my home country, Bangladesh, and now I am currently live in the United States of America. First of all, In Bangladesh, I was in middle school. Attending middle school wasn’t too hard. It was actually a bit fun. In middle school, I had less homework to do, and it was fairly since I did not have many responsibilities. Now I am in college, attending Macomb community college.

I am getting really stressed out and having many types of difficulties. I am struggling to keep good grades and have lots of homework to do daily. I had many friends during my days in high school, but as I attended college, friends grew apart; now I am stuck with just a few. Secondly, I did not have any responsibilities seven years ago. But as an adult, now I have to learn to take care of many responsibilities and give my all to live successfully.

I did not know how to even cook at the age of 15, but now I know how to cook pretty much everything. Finally, in Bangladesh, I did not need to drive since everything in my town was close. Living in America, on the other hand, I am forced to have transportation to get around. Therefore, I had to get my license to accomplish each day’s task. Many changes have occurred in the last seven years in my life; however, these changes made me live up and the face world daily.

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