United States Essay Topics

Jungian archetypes in today’s global society

This essay presents Jungian “archetypes” derived from the theoretical formulations of Carl Gustav Jung aimed at understanding their impacts in today’s global society. This essay also presents a list of individuals noted for their contributions for changing the image of the world totally different from those of the Medieval Period’s and from these thoughts one… View Article

Hinduism and Buddhism in the United States

This paper intends to compare the origin and basic beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. It also aims to state the roles that Hinduism and Buddhism played that contributed to the American Culture, both in the past, as well as, in the present. Last but not least, the paper will briefly discuss the effect/s that Hinduism… View Article

Mexico – Tax Measures on Soft Drinks and Other Beverages

The Mexico- Soft drinks case was an important case based on the sweetener’s trade market in North America. This case note will try to summarize the facts of the case in order to analyze the issues raised by it. Following, we try to expose the reasons why Mexico decided to implement tax measures as a… View Article

Should America have left Iraq alone

Years since the United States military invaded Iraq, the question remains: Would it have been better if America did not interfere in Iraqi affairs? This question has haunted not just the many American families who sent their children to war on the guise of patriotism; it has also been the global question permeating every corner… View Article

Holmes v South Carolina

Facts: Holmes was charged with first degree murder, first degree burglary and robbery in connection with an incident involving an 86 year old woman, Mary Stewart. Holmes was also charged for the rape and murder of Stewart. At the trial court, Holmes was convicted by the South Carolina Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court… View Article

Pax Americana: The Importance of Soft Power

There are two main ways through which a country can lose its ascendancy. First, it can be defeated militarily by a stronger, rising power. Second, it can rot from within, its culture and institutions progressively becoming weaker while its economy stagnates. Joseph Nye Jr. , in his book The Paradox of American Power, argues early… View Article

Past and Current Trends Of Use and Abuse of Substances in the United States

Current trends show that illicit drugs are a source of significant cause of mortality in the United States. It accounts for approximately 17,000 deaths annually nearly a thousand in persons aged 12 to 21 years. Illicit drug use is also associated with significant morbidity and has far-reaching public health effects. A National House Hold Survey… View Article

Constitution Rights

“In the United States, due process refers to a set of established legal principles, derived from the Constitution, that seek to protect the rights of citizens. ” Inga Johannsen was put in a situation in which she was discriminated invidiously. Citizens of the United States were treated unequally, ending in a very unfair result for… View Article

Salem Trials vs Mccarthyism

In the past, certain individuals have been able to gain complete control over society and have a negative impact on it. The late 1600’s and mid 1900’s were times of chaos and political hysteria in America which were caused by rumors started by very powerful people, resulting in the deaths and imprisonment of several innocent… View Article

Through the eyes of a bison: Life on the Oregon Trail

As a bison, I have lived on the extensive prairie of the American west my entire life. My ancestors that came before me lived a life of peace and prosperity, roaming in herds of hundreds and sometimes even thousands of fellow bison, roaming the wide expanses, grazing on beautiful, full prairie grass and drinking from… View Article

Asian Experiences and Immigration to America

In the 1800s, a common struggle exists for Asian Americans in the United States, specifically the Chinese and Japanese. The term, identity is recognized through numerous events overtime and these events include the role of Asian Americans shaping the history of America. It took countless years for early Chinese and Japanese individuals to be accepted… View Article

The Case of Donald Rumsfeld and Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib

The report on the case of Donald Rumsfeld starts off with Rumsfeld’s hearing (May 7, 2004) with the Senate Armed Services Committees. His response to the question of whether he should resign or not; is “If I felt I could not be effective, I’d resign in a minute. ” The report also gives an account… View Article

United States as a white supremacist nation

In the book, The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism, and White Privilege, possibly one of the most significant statements that the author, Robert Jensen wrote, is “The United States of America at the beginning of the twenty-first century-a century and a half after the end of slavery, four decades after the passage of the… View Article

The United States

Most of the people in America are actually immigrants. In 2007, immigrants in the United States reached 37. 9 million (Center for Immigration Studies, 2007). It is therefore obvious that everyone has their own cultural background aside from that of America’s own culture. This contributes to a person’s uniqueness, as well as to the diversity… View Article

Financial Aid is Not Always the Answer

The United States is known for getting involved in affairs that does not concern them all in the name of foreign policy. Nonetheless, its stance regarding its foreign policies have undoubtedly helped other nations especially those economically-challenged at the same time serving the US’ own interest. However, its policy in relation to Armenia and the… View Article

United States

1. In what ways did the United States emerge from World War II fundamentally changed? Consider national power, economic health, and the home front. A. In terms of national power the United States emerged from World War II as a major international power. We had discovered the atomic bomb, and as a result had become… View Article

An Obsession the World Doesn’t Share

In his essay, “An Obsession the World Doesn’t Share”, Roger Cohen describes in detail the way other countries view the actions of the United States Government and President Bush (New York Times, 2004). Mr. Cohen’s main idea throughout the article is how the United States government is reacting, or not reacting, to world issues due… View Article

Argument Essay – Illegalize Alcohol

Our country is facing a growing problem. It is a problem of moral decay. The legal and open use of alcohol is an unnecessary vice that is enjoyed and accepted by a majority of the United States population, unfortunately, it leads to social and moral downfalls. Alcohol should be held to the same standards as… View Article

Transportation Revolution 1800’s

A revolution in the form of transportation transformed America forever. Between the 1800’s and 1840’s hundreds of roads and canal were built, most famous were the National Road and the Erie Canal. This transportation revolution also helped ignite the market revolution. With easier transportation, came explosive economic growth and opportunities in production and manufacturing. Out… View Article

Presidential Election of 1828

A rematch between two bitter rivals, Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, the presidential election of 1828 was highlighted by the split of electoral votes in New York and Maryland. Andrew Jackson had swept through the west, gaining every single state, and even got Pennsylvania. The winner from the election of 1824 by the ‘corrupt’… View Article

Rain Dance

A rain dance is a dancing ceremony performed by some Native American Indian tribes, asking their spirits or gods to send rain. It is more common among Southwest Native Americans, who live in drier regions. Time Frame * The rain dance normally takes place during the spring planting season and the summer months before crops… View Article

Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton Economic Plan

The country is in serious debt. Our government has two completely different viewpoints and ideas in the Federalists and Republicans in Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. The ideas of Hamilton will be the only way for our government to have any success and riding our debt, establishing good credit, and keeping the country together. Hamilton… View Article

Ethics – Current Events

The issue between the United States accusing China of hacking the Pentagon’s computer network is in a way a violation of the Data Protection Law and international law. For many years the Pentagon has been the subject of cyber intrusion and attempts to penetrate its most kept defense data which if this system will be… View Article

Police Brutality

Philadelphia is located in New Jersey on the eastern sea board of the United States. This makes it an ideal location for immigrants from Nigeria to choose as an entry point into the US. This inflows has led to an over stretch in the social amenities. In so far as Nigerians perform the jobs Americans… View Article

The War of 1812

1. The effects of the War of 1812 on banking, shipping, farming, industry, and transportation. a. The War of 1812 occurred because the British were impeding U. S. shipping. When we won the war, farmers were able to ship their products such as cotton or tobacco overseas. This helped farmers, because they had access to… View Article

Sport Utility Vehicle and Mercedes

1. What is the decision facing Mercedes? Mercedes must determine how to market the BlueHybrid and the so-called mild hybrid the ML450 to the United States market, while competing with Toyota and Honda. Mercedes also needs to be concerned with making sure that they keep their existing customers, while transitioning into the green marketplace. 2…. View Article

Famous Immigrant Entrepreneur from Pakistan in USA

Edible Arrangements is a U. S. -based franchising business that specializes in fresh fruit arrangements, melding the concept of fruit baskets with design inspired by the floral business The company is headed by Tariq Farid, who partnered with his brothers to open the first Edible Arrangements store in Hamden, Connecticut in 1999. After designing the… View Article

History and Description of a Subordinate Group Member

Throughout the history of North America, there has been one ethnic group who has given up almost everything to the European settlers. Land, home, resources, and dignity were stolen from Native Americans. The long history of the American Indian is being written, even today. Approximately forty thousand years ago, the earliest ancestors of Native Americans… View Article

United States as the Sole Super Power

At the end Cold War between United States of America and Soviet Union, the rivalry for attaining supremacy has been opened to all most influence countries throughout the globe. The collapsed of Soviet Union’s military initiates the United States to step-up to influence the economy, military and political control. The Soviet Union without appearance, the… View Article

The Compact Theory

Compact theory – Regarding the Constitution of the United States of America, the compact theory holds that the nation was formed through a compact agreed upon by all the states, and that the federal government is consequently a creation of the states. Consequently, states should be the final arbiters over whether the federal government had… View Article