United Nations and the war in Iraq Essay

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United Nations and the war in Iraq

This paper will seek to explain and elaborate the relationship between the Iraq war and how the united nations are trying to handle these issues. Many officials in the United Nations including the US general secretary and the presidents have been trying to address this issue that has denied a number of people lives in Iraq. Infact, Powell insisted that Iraq had to face the penalties for not obeying Security Council ideas at large. The United Nations has been trying to tackle war that has killed people in mass without success.

Collins Powell has been trying to address this issue on even harsh conditions after President George Bush declared that diplomacy has failed. On several speeches that have been given from the white house states that anyone who try to attack America may become the American justice target. The American government later decided that it will proceed with the raid in Iraq under Sadam Hussein insisting that they possess massive destruction weapons. It’s this big challenge that the 44th president of the united state has to deal with.

There have been thousands of prisoners with effect to the war but hundreds has been released. (CNN. com). The paper will later will later tackle challenges that the UN is facing and give suggestions on securities that if implemented may lead to a paradigm shift. The fact that the president saluted the military who died in the Iraq war saying that they were fighting evil to bring liberty to others indicates clearly that he will use all ways to unsure the end of war in Iraq.


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