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United For Israel Essay

Essay Topic:

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Unity of Israel is needed today more than ever. All the inhabitants of Israel should come together at this moment and show solidarity in the wake of the external problems that are posed to this holy nation. Zionism as described in the holy books used by Christians and Jews has to be fulfilled. The establishment of the State of Israel in 1947 after the dreaded Holocaust was the initial stage in the fulfillment of the prophetic Zion. The Holocaust carried out by the Nazi was a traumatic experience to the Jews and the Christians alike.

Israel at the moment is faced by numerous threats from the enemies who have surrounded it. Unity in Israel is a necessity for us to face the impending danger that can be associated to the Holocaust during the Second World War (Merkley, para 1). Following the decision by the United Nations to establish a Jewish State in November of 1947, the world generally agreed that justice had been done to the Jewish people.

Thus diligent friends of the Zion agreed that the creation of Israel as a just move was relative one.

At the same time, the continued occupation of various territories by Israel at present can be defended in terms of justice with some claiming that some people have suffered injustices due to the Israel occupation. The historical relationship between the churches and Israel has been influenced by their 1948-49 Israel’s Independence war whereby most church leaders had to rework the moral arithmetic finding ‘justice’ in the claims advanced by the Arab Palestinians and little ‘justice’ in the Israel’s position on the matter (Merkley, para 3).

However, conservative Christians have remained consistent in supporting the claims advanced by Israel. This has been driven by the notion that Christina Zionists have prioritized the case for the Restoration of the Jews as ordained by the scriptures and therefore resisting any such activities amounted to sinning (Merkley, para 6). In the current world, the World Council of Churches remains to be among the most formidable organizations that reprimand the activities of Israel in the Middle East. Christian Zionists in Israel and around the world should not be swayed by this rhetoric and support the course taken by Israel.

This letter was meant to convince the Christians to come and join the ranks of the Zionists spearheaded by the Jews. This is not in the best interest of the Jewish state alone but must be looked at in terms of that tiny piece of land is the battleground for the survival of Jews and Christians alike and for the one God who bestowed that land to the Jewish people as the fountain from which would flow the morality, the willingness to fight the forces of evil in the name of that one God (Weisman, para 5).

The Zionist movement is faced with various threats and these forces of evils shall rule by the sword if left unchecked. Christians need to join in the battle for the security of Israel which also expands to include the security of Christianity itself. It must be noted that if left unchecked, the evil forces shall destroy the Jewish people and the Christians will also be destroyed (Weisman, para 5). The alliance between the Christians and the Jews is not something to negotiate about now as there is no time for the negotiations.

Zionists and those supporting the movement must unite to defeat the anti-Zionist tendencies that are witnessed in the world today. Israel is the epicenter of all this and that collaboration between the Christians and Jews is a necessity. Surrounded by enemies from virtually all directions, the Zion state faces eminent threat from its adversaries (Weisman, para 5). I appreciate the differences that have existed between the Jews and the Christians but this should not be our weakness in this crucial moment. Our perception about the messiah and his second coming must not be the wedge to separate us.

I know that Fundamental Christians talk of the Jewish conversion before the Second Coming of Messiah. I know that they hold the belief that those Jews who would have not been converted before the end of the world would perish in a Holocaust during the Battle of Armageddon (Robinson, para 16). These views should not divide us as we believe in the same God and we have to defend the prophetic Zion as inscribed in our Holy Scriptures. Conclusion: I conclude this letter to my friends, the Christians with a call to unite.

We have a task at hand that calls us to come out in defense of God’s promise. Unity at this moment in time is more important than ever, and we shall be judged harshly by history if we let this moment pass and our divisions cost us the right to fulfill what the scriptures had prophesized. Zionism has come to pass and right now we are on track towards this fulfillment. There are various challenges as of now but this generation of Jews and Christians have to come together to accomplish what was started after the end of the Second World war through the creation of the Jewish State.

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