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United colors of benetton Essay

Society permits ever individual to live their own identity and style. This new trend of freedom has developed more in the past few years. The color trends for fall 2009 can be divided into three categories including: Chic, Classic and Casual colors reflecting the general mood of the people. CHIC: These shades are mostly reflected by digital prints. This trend highlights the solid and cold tones including mid night blues, earthly tones and deep pinks which creates a world of playful and attractive patterns. The combination of blues and browns create a turbulent and attractive combination.

CLASSIC: This theme includes mainly greens and earthly colors in combinations. These are mainly the diluted color effects. These two colors mixed together give the effect of foggy and gray shades. CASUAL: These combinations reflect the shady technologies. Juicy orange, scarlet and neutral nuances combine in a tremendously attractive manner. This creates a magic formula reflecting the soothing whether of winter and the cloudy climate of the fall season. Chic Classic Casual Fashion Trendsetter.

(n. d. ) The browns greens and blues reflect the cozy environment for winter however the fabric trends for winter 2009 include silk, knitwear, wool, cotton and some of the functional fabrics (Fashion Trendsetter, n. d. ). Decoration is a special fashion impulse and thus this winter it is represented more discreetly by the seductive effect given by silk. To enhance the beauty and attractiveness of a female silk is re introduced this winter. It will however the coming season strive for a more decent and sophisticated effect of graphic prints and motifs.

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The touch of embroideries enhances the beauty of silk, satin and crape. They enrich the out fits with feminine touch. The embroideries include dark bronze oxidized and copper shades. This gives them a lavish complexity. To interpret the winter season both for men and women, knit wear made a new entry for them. Comfortable and cozy as the season of winter is, it is complimented by the woolen knit wear and some Milano- jersey as a contemporary out fit. Cotton re defines it self this winter. To reflect the casual attitude slightly over dyed compressed cotton is going to be in fashion again.

The cotton prints include mixed and blurred checks and stripes. The artistic design includes ornamental patterns, pictorial designs and fast abstract paintings. Cotton Artistic Designs Cosmo Worlds (n. d. ). Silhouette is a picture in which the outline of the subject is visible. It involves two colors the subject is white and the background is black. This image is used by all the designers in United colors of Benetton to reinforce the design of the fabric and to enhance the color combination and color scheme.

The merchandise assortment reinforces the over all design details. The different shades of colors arranged and displayed on the silhouettes enhance the overall affect of the merchandise and fabric arranged (CosmoWorlds,n. d. ). The type of fabric and color combination combined together enhances the effect of the design. As the silhouette gives the overall resemblance of the subject with no prominent features the color scheme used and the designs and fabrics used are very important, this will enhance the credibility of the work.

The design and the forecasted trend of color and fabric will be understood well by the customers and the clients as the display will be effective.

References: CosmoWorlds(n.. d. ). Fabric Trends Winter 2008/09. Retrieved August 21,2008 from http://www. cosmoworlds. com/trends/trends_2008_2009-texworld_fabric_trends-08122007. htm Fashion Trendsetter. (n. d. ) TFL Fashion & Color Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2009/2010. Retrieved August 21, 2008 from http://www. fashiontrendsetter. com/content/color_trends/2008/TFL-Color-Trends. Krom, Peter. (2008). How to photograph silhouettes

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