United Colors of Benetton Essay

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United Colors of Benetton

Different kinds of businesses are widely observable in the market nowadays. These business ventures caters to the various needs of its consumers may it be in terms of products or services. In doing so, there have been companies that are more patronized as compared with its competitors, which has a lot to do with the strategies that they used. An observable proof of an exceptional marketing strategy is practiced by a famous brand name, the United Colors of Benetton.

United Colors of Benetton is under the Benetton Group that engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of various products like clothes, undergarments, shoes, cosmetics as well as accessories. This famous brand name are also provide goods like sunglasses, stationery, linens, watches, luggage, and many others in the market (Ganesan, 2002). United Colors of Benetton is often considered as a forerunner in the multinational marketing industry because of the exceptional marketing strategy that it has.

This retailer continues to face and address the challenge of effectively marketing their products across the borders of the world. In relation to this, United Colors of Benetton is widely recognized in using social concerns to promote its brand. This is seen with its advertising that tackles like racial inequality, religious and cultural differences, etc. which often stirs debate among the public. The main idea of this brand is to symbolize the universality of its products that makes useful to all people regardless of their backgrounds (Maguire, 2003).

The direct competition of this retailer is other brands that also caters the same kind of goods that it also sell in the market. This type of competition is seen through other famous clothing line that also operates internationally. Moreover, the amount of competition becomes more stiff because of these companies also target international consumers, which is why it also used the marketing strategy of Benetton in making their products appear universal in its usage.

Indirect competition also exists and this is seen in people or groups that does not agree with the marketing strategy of Benetton. While other people praise the marketing strategy of this retailer, there are also those who does not approved it. Some members of the civil society and even its competitors in this business often criticize the way Benetton used sensitive social issues in its marketing. They say that Benetton mocks these kinds of important issues because they employ it for their profit-oriented gains to make people materialistic and consumerist.

Being the case, these people often gives pressure to this retailer in terms of asking the public to boycott the brand as well as the bad publicity that it has to deal with. The above discussion show that the marketing strategy of a particular retailer is essential in the promotion and over-all perspective of the public in the product or service that it is trying to sell. Nevertheless, regardless of how effective ones’ promotional activities is direct and indirect competition are still observable.

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