Unit one communications Essay

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Unit one communications

Communication is a cycle because when two people communication they need to check their ideas and understand each other. Good communication process involves checking and understanding active listening. According to Argyle, skilled interpersonal interaction (social skills) involves a cycle in which you have to translate or decode what other people are communicating and constantly adapt your own behaviour in order to communicate effectively.

(Stretch, 2010, pg.18) Argyles stages does apply to Samirs situation however it’s not working because Samirs first language is “Urdu, and struggles with English” he won’t be able to get an idea or decode the message also he has difficulties with non-verbal communication as he cannot see. When people first meet in a group they often go through a process of group formation. In many cases groups may experience struggles before people communicate effectively.

This is one of the best theories to explain group formation is Tuckman. Tuckman suggested that most groups go through a process involving four stages, these are: Forming (This is when the group goes through the initial stage of forming together. The purpose of the group might not be clear; people may be unsure why they are attending. Storming (the group of children are getting to know one another) Norming (the group has established norms and values)

Performing (the group of children will perform because they share the set of norms and values. (Stretch, 2010, pg.19) P3 Samirs disabilities puts a barrier for him to communicate in a group interaction as he has struggles to communicate with people, so Tuckman`s does not apply to him “as he cannot see facial expressions unless he is very close to the person” and also the children see him as a very antisocial person.

Sensory impairment is a barrier to communication. Samir could be an individual suffering from visual conditions or deafness. The strategies used to overcome Samirs barriers would be e.g. using glasses or magnifiers, if fully blind you could also use Braille for any situations.

However deaf people could use sign language in everyday life for example Samir could use it in school and at home. Impacts using these strategies there is also a negative and a positive outcome, using Braille is very useful for Samir especially if he cannot see. It is a good idea using Braille or sign language because everyone can participate and it would also help the children also Samir that are in need of Braille. Disability is also a barrier to communication, whether being mental disabled or physically disabled. The strategies used to overcome Samirs barriers are using impairments. P4

Jargon is a barrier to communication. Strategy used to overcome this is using appropriate language when speaking to high position people such as your mother or your teacher. The positive outcome of this strategy is you are aware of different languages to different people. A negative outcome of this strategy would be for example when your doctor speaks formal words to you and you don’t understand. Also, when using jargon it is important to be aware of the consequences it can have on people. Assumptions, values and beliefs are barriers to communication. Strategies used to overcome them are accepting the difference in Samir and his beliefs and values and not quickly judging him by the way he looks and acts. Examples are the skin colour, appearance, religion and his beliefs. Negative and Positive.

These strategies have negative as well as positive outcomes. The positive outcome is that the society we living today helps us accepts and also encourage us to change our quick judgements. I personally think individuals should not make any negative assumptions and stereotype against before getting to know the person. The positive factor that may influence communication with Samir is that his “Six years old and attends Happy Valley Special School” They’ll be allot of support for him and teaching assistants that’ll help him, overcome his difficulties of communicating. Another positive factor is that he has access to verbal communication however its king of a negative factor because you have to come really close to his face which is invading his privacy and making him feel uncomfortable. His first language is “Urdu” which is a negative factor because the teachers and assistants will struggle to communicate as they don’t know the language but they can bring in an interpreter that can translate. On the other hand the negative is you might know the reaction of people’s emotions as they can’t talk back.

Also the certain teachers/teaching assistants might find it annoying the way that he/she has to wait for the translator to reply. He has learning difficulties which will slow him down with the class work and won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class; “Happy Valley Special School” can overcome this by giving him more support and assigning a teacher with that can help him while his learning in class.

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