Unit Nine Final Essay

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Unit Nine Final

The scientific method can be defined simply as a series of steps. There are five steps to the scientific method that are used. These steps consist of making an observation, proposing a hypothesis, accepting or rejecting the hypothesis, and revising it as if it had been rejected; or draw conclusions as if it had been accepted. Every theory will not use all of the steps each and every time. While testing these theories, scientists should always keep an open mind simply because with science the outcomes of the results are unknown (Trefil, (2010).

The first scenario involves waking up in the morning and having nor running water. This observation was made when waking up and going to get into the shower would not come on so from there the sink was also checked then on to the kitchen to check that sink and once again no water. The hypothesis made is the water frozen due to the cold weather outside? Was the water bill paid? The only ways to find out the answer to these questions are to check with the neighbors to see if they are having any trouble with their water. Next would be to check outside underneath the house to see if there are any signs of ice on any of the pipes or if there are any of the water pipes broken. The last thing to check would be the water company to see if the bill has been paid. Once checking the neighbor’s house they are not having any problems and to my findings the temperature last night did not get to or go below freezing. There are no signs of any pipe breaks or ice on any of the pipes so that leaves only one solution going to the local water company and paying the water bill.


The problem at work consists of safety issues. Accidents may often be small, but they can also lead to life altering results such as mutilation and even death. The most common safety issues in the work place relates to tripping and falling. There are things that can be done to prevent these accidents from happening such as anything that is above shoulder level should be gotten with the use of a stepping stool or a ladder, of course these items should be in good condition and kept in a secure place. Pathways should be kept clear. Keep the workplace clean by throwing away unwanted items. Keep sharp objects in closed containers; stay away from participating in any horseplay. There are apparently about 2.3 million men and women that die each year from work related accidents. This means that at the end of each work day there are nearly one million workers suffering from a work place accident. (www.work-place-safety-info.com).

Managing safety at a workplace does not have to be difficult. There are three simple steps to take such as find the hazards, which include doing a walkthrough to find the problems. Assess the risk is where you make a list of which problems are more serious and go from there to fix the problems. In order to find the hazards the staff should be asked for their opinions and if they have any suggestion once you have a list of possible risk and which ones are more serious then you can finally start immediately on fixing the problems (www.worksafe.vic.gov). The most important way to maintain safety in the work place is to use common sense at all times which sometimes seems harder than what it truly is. Take the time to evaluate the situation and the surroundings. Always think of other people’s safety as well as your own. Remember to clean up after yourself and others if necessary to ensure that the workplace environment stays clean and safe at all times.

Trefil, J. & Hazen, R. (2010). The Sciences: An integrated approach (6th. Ed.) Hoboken, NJ:

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