Unit 2 Homework Assignment Essay

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Unit 2 Homework Assignment

1. Geocentric Theory
Definition – the geocentric theory is the theory that the Earth is the center of the universe and other planets orbit around it. Significance – the significance of the geocentric theory is when people heard of this theory they wanted to test the theory.

2. Scientific Revolution
Definition – the scientific revolution was a period when new ideas in physics, astronomy, biology, human anatomy, chemistry, and other sciences led to a rejection of doctrines that had prevailed starting in ancient Greece and continuing through the middle ages. Significance – the significance of the scientific revolution is it was a starting point of new discoveries about all kinds of sciences.

3. Heliocentric theory
Definition – the heliocentric theory is the theory that the Sun is the center of the universe and other planets orbit around it. Significance – the heliocentric theory was significant because it was the first theory that said that the universe does not revolve around the earth; instead we revolve around the sun. it discredited many people’s theories and modern belief at the time. It is also the proven theory that we believe in today.

4. Galileo Galilei
Definition – Italian astronomer and mathematician who was the first to use a telescope to study the star. Significance – the significance of Galileo is that he demonstrated that different weights descend at the same rate, which helps us realize things today.

5. Scientific Method
Definition – the definition of the scientific method is the method that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation. Significance – the significance of the scientific method is it allows for one to prove , or disprove, a theory or hypothesis. It allows for results
from an experiment to be repeated, or validated.

6. Isaac Newton
Definition – English mathematician and physicist; remembered for developing the calculus and for his law of gravitation and his three laws of motion. Significance – the significance of Isaac Newton is that he discovered gravity and that helps us realize more things scientifically.

7. John Locke
Definition – English empiricist philosopher who believed that all knowledge is derived from sensory experience Significance – John Locke was significant because he was the father of modern history

8. Philosopher
Definition –a person engaged or learned in philosophy, especially as an academic discipline Significance – they learn things in philosophy that affect us in the things we do today

9. Voltaire
Definition – French writer who was an example of 18th century Enlightenment. Significance – Voltaire was significant because he introduced a new concept that people should consider that reason should be the base of knowledge and not faith.

10. Montesquieu
Definition – French philosopher and jurist. An outstanding figure of the early French Enlightenment Significance – Montesquieu was significant because he constructed a naturalistic account of the various forms of government, and of the causes that made them what they were and that they advanced or constrained there development.

11. Mary Wollstonecraft
Definition – English writer and early feminist who denied male supremacy and advocated equal education for woman. Significance – Mary Wollstonecraft was significant because she was the one who started the feminist movements. Mary
Wollstonecraft had started women’s rights. She had argued that women were just as equal as men during the Enlightenment.

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