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Unit 1 Business Environment P1

Paper type: Essay
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P1: Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting business.

Two Businesses on our Doorstep

Introduction: In this report I will explaining the type of business/purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. The first is a voluntary sector organisation which is called As-suffa outreach and the second one is a large private sector jaguar land rover I will explaining which sector each of those organisations belong to. I will also talk about big are these two organisations are.

Voluntary sector organisation: As-suffa outreach

As-suffa outreach delivers several programmes and support mechanism to provide of the community. It was established in 2012 to the meet the requirements of the homeless society in Birmingham. What has begun as a “feeding the houseless service “has now increased into a number of developments that function all over the United Kingdom.

Ownership and liability= As-suffa outreach

The type of ownership that As-suffa outreach have is that voluntary organisation because they main goal is to convey the pure teachings of Islam through traditional scholarship.

As-suffa is in the public sector because it provides services to the public that live in the uk. The implications of the way it does business is it has 3 main aims that the company wants to achieve is different projects, their success and how to get involved with the business. First achievement that business wants is the different projects of the homeless people. The company has now reach now 12 different projects which is organised across the UK. All their projects are run primarily by volunteers and funded by generous donors. The second achievement is there achievements as a business is, they offer hot meals to the homeless four times a week. The project has extended to a total of 7 cities in the United Kingdom. The final achievement that the company wants to peruse is how to get community involved with the company and help.

As-suffa outreach liability is limited because there have a legal identity that how the owners of As-suffa outreach are not personality accountable for the business debts.

Purpose of As-suffa outreach

The purpose of As-suffa outreach is to everything that the company does to continue to attempt to act on the hadith-“the best of people, are those who benefit mankind” consequently they want provide to contact to sacred knowledge and to build and grow outreach projects. Through the organisation services they want to authorise students and volunteers to be involved in the community. Another purpose of the company is to help homeless living the UK. Figures show that over 300,000 people that live in the UK in total, are moreover homeless or staying inadequate accommodation. 94% of homeless people are unemployed, 72% have some sort of mental health illnesses and 56% have a long-standing physical impairment. When the figures that are shown here the company introduction their first outreach project to help the most helpless of the community with a vision to make a change.

Sector of As-suffa outreach

As-suffa business activities is that have a youth club that offers an exciting Islamic atmosphere where children between 11 and 14 years of age will build relationships, social skills and Islamic awareness. Also, they have other business activities such as the homeless/ projects and achievements. As-suffa belongs to tertiary sector because it promotes the business products and services online of the use to access.

Type of As-suffa outreach

As-suffa outreach belongs non-for profit because the business does not want to make profit or sell goods to the consumers. The business wants to promote their services to the community, and it belongs in the voluntary sector which means it’s a task of social activity performed by non-profitable organisation such as As-suffa outreach. As-suffa outreach is national because it operates over all the United Kingdom.

Large private sector organisation= Jaguar land rover

Jaguar land rover car is a PLC which is the investment company for jaguar land rover LTD, a British international automotive company headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, UK and a branch of tata motors, an Indian auto company.

Ownership and liability= Jaguar land rover

The type of ownership that Jaguar land rover is a large sector organisation which is public limited company because it provides the business shares to the general public and be access by anyone through trades on the stock market. The implications of the way it does business is that jaguar land rover hires about 38,000 people all over the world to provide of 275,000 people and many more through their sellers and local businesses. Jaguar land rover brought both of the companies’ jaguar and land rover in 2008 after Tata motors. The liability that jaguar land rover has where the financial responsibility of an individual is restricted to a fixed amount the cost of the contribution of a business in a corporation or association is most usual. Also, the owner is not responsible of the jaguar land rover assets.

Purpose of Jaguar land rover

The purpose of jaguar land rover is creating an experience of “our customers love for life”. Jaguar land rover has received 250,000 costumer reviews and identified five specific requirements that jaguar land rovers’ clients have to the business to positive opportunies to the customers. Jaguar land rover business is about respecting for what they do but they are purchasing for making people feel amazing-a-reward for work and effort and accomplishment the representation of ambitious. The purpose of the business is to simply have to succeed in industry, in jaguar land excellent products, in the interactions that consumers have with them, and in being a wonderful part of our environments and community.

Sector of Jaguar land rover

The sector that jaguar land rover belongs to the secondary sector because it the main parts of the vehicles and product them in a factory that the business owns and manufacture the products and services in the company. The business activates that Jaguar land rover supports is a programme which is inspiring young adults such as engineers which it made to help schools and colleges.

Type of jaguar land rover

Jaguar land rover belongs to the private sector because its want make profit from the products and services to its customers. Also its profitable business is not owned by the government. Jaguar rover contains all privately-owned business in the economy and also it can co-operative with the government running agencies. Jaguar land rover is international because it operates in the UK and in Europe.

P2: Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting business.

What is a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is anyone who has an interest in a business. Stakeholders are parties/associations or companies impacted by the business activity.

Different types of stakeholders within a business

Internal stakeholders are stakeholders that operate within the business for example suppliers/investors/ board of directors/ employees and managers.

External stakeholders are stakeholders that have nothing to do the business that they are outside of the business. Such as customers and another retailers and not affected by the performance of the business.

Stakeholders for As-suffa

Employees: The employees for As-suffa are internal stakeholders in the organisation because they work in the business. Also the employees want be work in quiet and caim atmosphere, and supportive with the health and safety of the business difficulties. To provide service to people that need support. That all employees should be given the equal amount of pay in the business, and the conditions of working hours and treating everybody in the work with respect.

Customers: The customers for As-suffa are external stakeholders in the business because they don’t work and not involved in the business. Customers that come to As-suffa might be offer a high quality service. There are different types of customers disabled people/male and female and young people which are ways talking about As-suffa charity and who their stakeholders are. Customer are important as stakeholders because for example if As-suffa provide customers with untrained and rude staff who don’t know what they are doing, then the customers will make a complaint based on their experiences. Also giving the right customer service to the customer in As-suffa will make the customer want come back again because they are satisfied of there service. Customer service is a key role in As-suffa because its leaders customer satisfaction assessment metric. Recognise As-suffa dissatisfied customers, reduce turnover and raise revenue of As-suffa.

Government: The government has a major impact on As-suffa business and how they operate. In a diverse society but also to assist respond to modifying social needs, administrations throughout all levels have set up a number of agentices and legislative functions. The UK based government manages the European economy, therefore it has a stake in how charitable charity operates in the market. The government also wants the As-Suffa to be a nonprofitable and exciting new opportunity for people who want to take full liability to look since community.

Trade unions: The unions represents the interests of a different staff that involved in As-suffa organisation. There are types of main functions and operating are to show their staff and to talk with employees that are part of As-suffa about a single union which saves time cost managing with employees. The trade unions are part of type of the communication process between the organisation and staff. As- suffa is on going process with their project for better terms with staff and the community.

Suppliers: suppliers in As-suffa is that provide goods and services to the company and As-suffa wants to produce the services and products to achieving aims. The suppliers with As-suffa needs have a good relationship as part of the As-suffa achievement. The suppliers don’t just give goods and service. They can be an important key information to the business. This leads with a good relationship with the business and supplier. They want guidelines and prompt also they enjoy by As-suffa that they supply to.

Local and national communities: As-suffa local community is of the business operates/community agency staff and residents are all in the local community when As-suffa operates in and their communications which will include sharing resources and information to the community about events and projects that the charity will offer. The national community present on As-suffa is that its supports and provides customers in the UK.

Stakeholders for Jaguar land rover

Employees: The employees at Jaguar land rover want their stake is that jaguar land rover provides them with live hood they want security and employment and promotion opportunies. Jaguar land rover owners want workers who could get the task done because the quality of staff is vital to the company’s total growth. Entrepreneurs need to comprehend the key advantages of jaguar land rover competition in order to establish clear and purpose tools for shareholder evaluation. The number of employees working for jaguar land rover as of 2018 “43224” as shown on Wikipedia. Also there different departments that an employee can be in such as operations manager/purchasing manager/office and marketing etc.

Customers: In jaguar land rover there give the customers who visit there organisation the first the sales as an employee of JLR Net sales, you will be giving people the most luxurious automotive understanding about, embracing our Consumer First Behaviour. It is not about promoting products but relating to your clients and addressing their issues. It’s all about creating great experiences that create great, durable and positive relationships.

Investors/shareholders: In the jaguar land rover the investor produce stock shares, or full ownership in the business, in payment for investing in capital to run the company. Investors usually have a different impact on company activities and decisions than most other industry investors. On the jaguar land rover page it’s the investor email and contacts to show customers where to contact. And also the website tells the contacts details of the head quarters and any support that they may need.

Government: The government has a major impact on jaguar land rover because in July 2019 jaguar land rover welcomed government backed export credit facility. This will help Jaguar land rover ongoing investment into investigation and development of creating and designing of upcoming electric vehicles and mobility solutions. Former prime minster / business secretary and transport have delivered ?500 million promise to jaguar land rover for expansion and manufacturing of electric vehicles in the UK.

Trade unions: The effect of trade unions has on Jaguar land rover employees because trade unions are employees’equpment for collective bargaining. Most trade unions the rights of the employees is protected at Jaguar land rover, trade unions members have a higher salary than non-trade union members within the company. This will mean that the employees will be motivated because well protected and represented and also they will have better working conditions. This will lead to more holidays and improved health and safety and give training for new skills.

Managers: Managers will influence jaguar land rover by to making sure that the employees that they make sure that they do their job and making sure are they treating customers in the right way. Setting weekly or monthly target to employees to achieve within the week or the month. Making sure that all functional areas are working well and they understand what they are doing and making sure that do it to go standard.

P3: Describe how two businesses are organised

Organisation structure = As-suffa

As-suffa has flat organisation structure its small company which operates in the local area. It has very few or no levels of management between staff and employees. Which will mean that they will carry 020000As-suffa has flat organisation structure its small company which operates in the local area. It has very few or no levels of management between staff and employees. Which will mean that they will carry

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