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Unit 1 B Section 5: Cold War Events

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In which two regions did the Eisenhower administration effectively use brinkmanship?
*a. Korea and Indochina
b. Vietnam and Cuba
c. Russia and Poland
d. France and Germany

Who was the Soviet leader during both the Eisenhower and Kennedy presidencies?
a. Putin
b. Gorbachev
c. Stalin
*d. Krushchev

Which communist leader did the United States try to overthrow in Cuba during the early 1960s?
a. Ruben Batista
b. Nikita Krushchev
c. Ngo Dinh Diem
*d. Fidel Castro

Why did General MacArthur address Congress after he was fired?
a. He wanted to thank Americans for treating him as a hero.
b. He wanted to let the country know that he was going to run for president.
*c. He wanted to justify his recommendations for expanding the Korean War.
d. He wanted to apologize to President Truman for insubordination.

What policy did Kennedy lay the groundwork for at the end of his presidency?
a. isolationism
*b. détente
c. flexible response
d. brinkmanship

What was the significance of the 38th parallel before the Korean War?
a. When US troops moved north of it, the Chinese decided to fight.
b. It was the location of the Yalu River boundary between North Korea and China.
*c. It served as the boundary between North Korea and South Korea.
d. It marked the first site of North Korean aggression.

What CIA-backed plan did Kennedy inherit from the Eisenhower administration?
a. Cuban Missile Crisis
b. Hungarian Uprising
*c. Bay of Pigs
d. Guatemala

Why did Truman react so strongly when North Korea attacked South Korea?
a. He wanted to protect US troops stationed in South Korea.
*b. He wanted to prevent the advance of Communism.
c. He was worried that the Chinese Communists were behind the attack.
d. He saw an opportunity to increase US defense spending.

Who led the investigation that resulted in Alger Hiss being convicted of perjury?
a. Joseph McCarthy
b. Strom Thurmond
*c. Richard Nixon
d. Dwight Eisenhower

What was the punishment for the Rosenbergs, who were convicted of providing bomb secrets to the Russians?
a. They were sent back to Russia.
b. They were sent to Guantanamo Bay.
*c. They were executed by electric chair.
d. They were sent to federal prison in Kansas for life.

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