Uniqlo in the Philippines Essay

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Uniqlo in the Philippines

Uniqlo is a Japanese company that brings great casual wear to people and around the world. Their target market is for everyone. Young or old, class a b and c. Uniqlo retail store is very in nowadays, especially here in the Philippines. Because last June 15, 2012 they open their store at Mall of Asia Philippines and they’re giving away tote bags to the first 500 daily customers from June 15 to 17 and to shoppers with a minimum single receipt of Php2,000 for free. They make a strategy that other retail store not been made. Their stores have many counters for cashiers, because they want to make their transactions very fast. It’s also one way of their customer service, at the same time before they open their store they have lots of billboards, advertisement in newspapers, posting in the internet, etc. so people might aware to their new store. Maybe we are asking, are Uniqlo can affect the sales of other retail store when it comes to casual wear? The answer is yes, but just in the limited time. Maybe we are aware that most Filipino is likely to buy imported stuff.

When Mango (U.S. brand) is opened here in the Philippines, Filipinos love to go there and buy clothes, when Forever 21 (Korean brand) is also opened, you can see that Filipinos are wearing their apparel too, and now Uniqlo (Japanese brand) is opened they said they want to be how Japanese wear clothes, because they said that in Paris, and Korea they just copied the style how Japanese people wearing their clothes and Maybe the real case of why Filipinos are buying stuff from different stores is that they want to be in always. Their behavior is unpredictable and they feel that if they’re wearing other country’s brands of clothes, bag, and shoes they are like (sosyal) the Uniqlo Company said in the internet that they studying peoples behavior when it comes to buying apparels.

That’s why in their store opening last June 15, 2012 they give away lots of bag, because they studied that Filipinos are love to have freebies. They captured the heart of many Filipinos who live near at moa, some of them their customers too are from different residence in metro manila. And I know why they opened their store at moa. Because of convenience, Uniqlo wants to target the north and the south area of metro manila. At the same time the price of their clothes are very reasonable why it is ok to buy them at a high cost.

The cotton of their clothes is very soft and it not that thin when you wear it, the styles is also very nice compared to other retail stores, they have lots of variances when it comes to men’s wear than women. Because they said Japanese men are more fashionable than women and that’s the thing they want to teach to Filipino people that it’s not sin if men are vainer than women. To conclude the things that Uniqlo want to tell to people is that. They more new quality that can market to people around the world and more good customer service if no one retail store does.

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