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Unilever Analysis Essay

Essay Topic:

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Nowadays, Company development requires new consumers and new partners in new market environment. Of course, Unilever also need to make an effort to understand culture differences in India so that company can make a success in new market. Next, the report continue to analysis India’s market by focus on India’s language, religion, and ethical traditions.

There is no doubt that language can have an important influence on the Unilever to expand new market in India. It is well know that Hindi is a standard official language of India.

Max(Nd) stated that Indo-Aryan language was spoken by majority people, which taken up 74% of total Indian population. While the number of people who speak Dravidian language just accounted for twenty-three percent. Furthermore, English as the secondary official language also widely spoken in India. It is certain that English can be a second language as its immense growth over the years in India history. According to the report statement that English is a main language accepted and spoken in the field of business an education across all places in India.

In addition, English also is ranked the third largest English speaking population all over the world except US and UK(Rajesh, 2009).

The diversity of language requires the company must pay more attention to use suitable language when entry India market. First, marketers should grasp the language differences of different target customers in the target market. It can contribute to communicate with customers easily and grasp majority customers. Second, the company should adjust the management style in new market. Company should hire natives to manage the local operation to reduce the cost of expanding new market. Finally, language as a mirror of culture can help company take an approach to the local society. Only have a better acknowledge to the India’s society can help company make a good future plan.

Religion as one of vital factors which should be taken into consideration. India is a country where people have different religion and customs and live in peace life. India has donated four key religion to the world, including the Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. In fact, Hinduism is the well known and leading religions of India, which followed by 80% of the population(Sukkran, 2013). Buddhism as one of oldest religion in the world which lies upon four Noble Truths: suffering is universal, suffering caused by desire and yearning, suffering can be prevented and overcome and eradication of desire can lead to the removal of suffering. Furthermore, Jainism as a religion tradition was recognized as the same time as Buddhism in India. Jainism opposed to the corruption in the interpretation of Hinduism prevalent at the time and it’s philosophy is that the abandonment of worldly desires and self-conquest lead to perfect wisdom. Besides, it has more than three million believers because of its philosophy for sympathy far all human beings.

Actually the components of religions have brought a big challenge to Unilever. It requires the manager take a close insight into the local religions and some religion traditions. This acknowledge not only enables company better manage local business and employees but also can improve the efficiency. Marketers should deal with religion problems carefully because it can result of differences of culture values and attitudes among different religion group. In addition, company can supply the satisfied goods in time by catching the different religion believers’ taste so that company can better realize the value of the product.

Ethical traditions also can not be ignored when Unilever expanding India new market. It is obvious that India is known for its ethical values for a very long period of time. The application of India value is called Indianism. Indian values have become universal and a number of multinational companies have been take Indian ethical into practical. India ethical tradition is one of great tradition of moral thought in the world of philosophy and it has influenced thinkers of Greece, Asia, Europe and the New World(Purushottama, B; Joseph, P; Renukn, S; 2008). India ethical traditions focus on life value and virtues, karma and dharma, evil and suffering, renunciation and enlightenments. In recent years, it has extended to aspects of human rights and justice, ecology and democracy.

After grasp these ethical traditions, Unilever should make some efforts to improve the efficiency of company. First, Unilever should improve technology to produce good quality and green goods. It can help local people living in a healthy life and achieve sustainable development. Furthermore, employees also deserve to pay more attention. Company should realize the importance of employees’ satisfaction. Satisfied employees can make great achievement in their work and provide best service to the customers. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal the company should concentrate on the rights and justice and so on.

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