Uniforms vs. Casual Clothes

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High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, but for some people that’s usually never the case because of the way they dress. Everyone makes a first impressions which are mostly based on the clothes you wear to classify you as a jock, a nerd, the queen bee, and any other typical cliché names. Nobody will come and talk to you if you are dressed like a geek or a goth, but that’s the problem we judge people before we get to know what is actually hidden underneath all the clothes.

And for that reason I support wearing uniforms so there is no discrimination, bullying rates will go down, and you just simply save time in the morning.

Have you ever walked down the hallways of your school and thought that you don’t belong anywhere because you don’t have the latest clothes from Zara, TNA, or any other brand name store. For that reason kids feel so alone because no one come and talks to them because they’re fashion sense isn’t up to date with the season’s latest trend.

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But with uniforms no one will ever be judged differently due to their sense of style because everyone will be equal. People would have to be forced to get to know their peers without arbitrating them on the way they look. Everyone say’s that beauty is skin deep but it’s human nature to judge what’s on the outer shell also, but if you wear uniforms that chip’s off a small part of what people can judge you on.

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Because in the end judging a person doesn’t determine who they are it just defines who you really are.

Bullying. Why does is happen? Why are we getting bullied? Do we deserve to go through all of this pain? These are some of the many questions that victims of bullying ask themselves. And one of the main causes of it is because of the clothes that we wear. Students are getting bullied because they are not wearing the “right” clothes. People think that of they have the latest or richest clothe that they have a higher social status or more power above others. But with uniforms everyone wear the same clothes nobody looks or feels out of place. It helps children to learn on a more level playing field without being judged by your physical appearance, brand of clothes, or clothing choice.

Finally lets talk about all the time you are saving if you wear uniforms everyday. The stories I hear from my peers are quit ridiculous, people wake up at 5 just to find the perfect outfit. I know my sister always worries about if she wears the same outfit to many times and would always ask my mom to go to the mall and buy a new set of clothes. Not only do you waste time in the morning but you also spend way too much money on them especially if you want to buy the latest trends of clothes. If you get deprived from your sleep not only are you going to be tired during class time but that also leads to your lack of concentration when the teacher is teaching you the latest lessons. So uniforms are a less stressful, sharp looking choice.

In conclusion all l can say is that I most definitely enjoy wearing uniforms over casual clothes because you have a better sense of security because you would know that no one will talk behind your back if you are wearing something that is unpleasant. I know that I loved wearing uniforms when I went to a Private School because everyone looked the same and felt equal., and a way to represent our school proudly. I know not everyone will agree with wearing uniforms because it doesn’t show any creativity. But think about it do you really need clothes to show your creativity, when it will be a lot better if you can talk to someone and get to know them to show your true colors and who you really are. Because in the end a beautiful appearance will last for a few decades but a beautiful personality will last for a lifetime.

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Uniforms vs. Casual Clothes

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