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Uniforms in schools today Essay

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Uniforms in schools today

Students wearing uniforms prevents violence in today’s schools. Uniforms are equal and give students a sense of security because everyone is the same. Students need to be able to go to school to learn, that should be the sole purpose of going to school. These days most schools don’t have dress codes and students wear whatever they want. These kinds of clothing can be distracting and disrespectful to the students. Girls wear revealing shirts and tank tops, guys wear pants that fall down, and they also wear distracting types of shirts with violence or vulgar language on them. Uniforms are a lot more respectable and a lot more mature, and they won’t be a distraction to the students and the teachers. Now, some people would say that uniforms are a little too formal. There are many different kinds of uniforms however. Private schools such as catholic schools have more formal uniforms with collared shirts and plaid skirts for the girls. For the boys collared shirts, ties and cargo pants.

Students these days really take advantage of the dress code, they wear whatever they want and a lot of them get in trouble for it. Many students are sent home during school hours because their clothing is inappropriate. These students waste valuable learning time, and distract other students from learning as well as the teacher. Disrupting the class can be prevented if students wear uniforms. Uniforms could solve the problem that every school faces, the problem of dealing with students who break the rules of the dress code. Unfortunately, there are many other problems in the schools these days but uniforms are a good place to start.

Uniforms come in many different shapes and styles. No one uniform is alike. Many uniforms are similar to the school’s colors, but most are not as formal as you would think. Uniforms are made for one purpose only, to make students equal. Students don’t understand the importance of a good education. Some people disagree with uniforms because they believe in freedom of speech. They believe that they have the right to wear whatever they want to. People like to express themselves by the way of wearing their own style. Students express themselves in many different ways, but the most popular way that they express themselves is wearing what they want.

Lots of students have different opinions on the situation, some agree and some disagree. My sister goes to a Catholic school and she wears a uniform everyday. She enjoys the strict atmosphere of the school and she loves wearing a uniform. In her opinion, “its saves money and you don’t have to worry about what to wear everyday”. Now some people would say that uniforms are expensive and you only wear them for a few years, plus there are different kinds of uniforms for different seasons. Plus people grow and you can’t return them after wearing them. You can resell them but you can never get your money completely back. However, most people who go to private schools are rich, so they don’t really care about spending money on uniforms every few years.

Education gives you the ability to learn. It gives you a broad aspect of what life would be like after high school and college. A lot of people strive for a higher education, college. They believe that having a higher education will make them succeed in life more than just having a high school education. This may be true, but it isn’t exactly a proven fact. Some people just aren’t made to go to college. Some do just fine with a high school degree. Everyone is different, it just depends how motivated you are and how far you want your education to go. The most important thing is an education, it shows how much you really want to learn by how far you go.

Uniforms can do a lot of good in schools, it can prevent violence and keep students on track in school. Uniforms are not distracting and everyone is equal, no one can judge anyone if they are all wearing the same thing.

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