Uniforms: A positive aspect or a negative one? Essay

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Uniforms: A positive aspect or a negative one?

Uniforms are controversial issues, especially in public schools. There have been many school board meetings to discuss them. Most students who attend public schools are not required to wear them. However things are changing down in the United States, more and more schools are introducing uniforms to its students. There are private schools in Toronto that have uniforms, and there are also some public schools. Uniforms signify the importance of school pride and spirit.

I think that uniforms are a good thing, as they have many benefits. Students in the morning are pressed with finding just the right clothes to wear that day. Parents are forced to spend hundreds of dollars each year to buy clothes for their kids that are cool or ‘in’. Students are bullied cause of the clothes they wear. Poor students are excluded because they can’t afford all the clothes the other students can. Students because of peer pressure press their parents into buying brand name clothes and shoes. Uniforms promote self esteem and school pride in the students and it is also instills discipline. Uniform help create an air in which students acknowledge that they are at school to learn not show off designer clothes. I personally think that uniforms should be required in public schools but there should also be a chance for letting students have a say in the matter concerning what they will be like.

If students wore uniforms they would not have to waste so much time in the

morning choosing their clothes. Uniforms will also save parents money and time. This money can be spent on things other than brand name clothes. There would be less bulling as, if the bully was making fun of the victim’s clothes that would make no sense as they wore the same clothes. Students will not be pressured into buying brand name clothing just to fit in. Uniforms add to a more disciplined learning environment. There are many students who are not as fortunate as others and find it hard to fit in as they don’t always have clothes that others deem cool. Uniforms should help as they will be wearing the same clothes as the other students, and there programs to help them if they can not afford the uniforms.

I do not think that by automatically putting uniforms on students they will achieve higher qrades or stop vandalism but I do think that by installing a more efficient learning uniforms are the way to do so. Uniforms do not restrict or stifle student’s sense of individuality or opinions. Uniforms are not a way for the teachers to brainwash us into submission. Uniforms can’t change that some students are not as fortunate as others but will help them fit in more. I do not think that uniforms will stop all bulling but will greatly lessen it which I think is better than no improvement.

There are still ways for students to express them selves but we have to realize that we come to school to get an education not to show of our clothes and I think that uniforms will help signify that as the main reason we attend school. Some parent have stated that they still have to buy clothes for when their children are not at school but there is a great decrease in the money spent. Uniforms are not away to make every one the same as that is impossible as everyone is different but are a way to create a more influential learning environment.

I think that uniforms will positively add to our learning environment and I think that the school board should take them into consideration. Uniforms do not have to be extremely formal or stuffy, but I think that girls should be given a choice of wearing skirts or longs. Uniforms are a good idea and public schools will greatly benefit from them, as shown in recent studies in the United States. It was shown that in schools with uniforms these positive improvements were made: decreasing violence among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers; helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school; instilling students with discipline; helping parents and students resist peer pressure; helping students concentrate on their school work; and helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school.

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