Would Uniform Make School Safer?

Looking at the alarm clock next to me, I realized that it was 7:00 a. m. , and I would be late for school, again. Then, I woke up. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I put my uniform on. It only took me about 10 minutes to get ready for school because I didn’t need to decide what I should wear.

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Saving time was part of my daily life when I was a student in Taiwan because wearing a uniform to school continued until I became a college student in the U.

S last year. “Should the junior high and high school students wear uniforms to school? ” This has been a controversial question.

Some of the students think that wearing uniforms is not cool and don’t have their own style. Moreover, some of the students think that wearing uniform is killing the creativity of the students. There are a few advantages to wear a uniform to school, one of which is saving can save students’ time, and the other is students’ safety.

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When I first started college, I was very excited to get rid of the uniform, but two weeks later, I found out that I started to miss my uniform. That is because I had to wake up at least half hour earlier to get ready for school, to think about what I should wear to school today and what I wore yesterday.

When I wore my uniform, I didn’t need to worry about what I should wear. Plus, I could pay more attention to my school work rather than what I should wear today. For me, it is a waste of my time to decide what to wear and always pay a lot of attention to my outfits. Also, it costs me a lot of money to buying some new clothes. If I had a choice, I would rather wear my uniform to school, again. School safety is the first benefit of wearing uniforms. According to Chuck Sambar, “Uniforms give students an identity and status and promote a sense of respect and security” (paragraph 6).

Clothing rules make identifying intruders and visitors easier. For instance, when I was in junior high school, my friends and I discovered a strange person in our school. That man was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and looking around with an angry facial expression. My friends and I felt the man was strange, so we told our teacher about the man. Later, we learned that the man was there trying to find and kidnap his girlfriend’s child because his girlfriend was trying to break up with him. The security guard asked him to leave immediately before he hurt the student.

Without uniforms, no one can make sure students are safe from strangers. In addition, wearing uniforms eliminates competitive behavior between rich kids and poor kids. If the school administrators in Taiwan allowed the students to wear their own clothes to school, it would cause some problems. For example, they would compare the brands of clothes that they are wearing on; such as whose clothes are more expensive. If the students’ family is rich, he/she might always show off to others, which is not good. But what if the students are in poor families? Can their parents afford the expensive clothes?

According to Chuck Sambar, “Proponents also point to the economic, psychological, and social benefits of uniforms. Parents don’t have to shop for expensive and varied wardrobes for their children to keep up with or show-off to other children. Uniforms make decision-making about what to wear rather simple and, therefore, all students are on a level playing field” (paragraph 9). All in all, rich kids by showing off their expensive clothes to poor kids, it might cause poor kids turn out bad behaviors, such as stealing, and robbing people to afford expensive clothes. In conclusion, wearing uniforms has many advantages.

Uniforms should be part of American students’ lives. Schools should require wearing uniforms because uniforms give students identical status in order to protect them. Furthermore, if students don’t have to worry about their clothes, I believe that they can pay more attention to their studies. Because students don’t need to worry about what they should wear and spend time on buying clothes. So, the reasons why I believe students wear uniform is a good thing are because of the school’s safety and the equality those uniforms bring, are the reason to make uniforms mandatory.

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