Unforgettable Miss Bessie Essay

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Unforgettable Miss Bessie

Miss Bessie was in born in a poor family 1895 at Athens. She was an informed and a dedicated teacher; a blessing to the children and a nation’s asset. Since there were no public schools for blacks, she joined Trinity School, a private school for blacks and later Normal School 2, where she learnt a lot especially the importance of education who were fighting slavery. In the classroom, she was a towering presence, about five feet tall weighing about 110 pounds and a strict disciplinarian. In Bernard School, she taught me English, History and civics.

Moreover, she was the only teacher who made me read “Beowful and Think” though for few days. During her 44-year teaching career, she taught many black youngster, including thereof my family members, who were economically deprived. She also emphasized on extra-curricular activities which were vital to the development of youngsters (Rowan, 1985). Despite my classmates’ mockery towards me, she used to console me not to fret of what I did not have but utilize my brains. She aided the Negros access books from the white library through her wits.

The challenge she used to pose to me was that if I stop reading, I will not write and even dream. Through her inspiration, I managed to write a column in the Nashville Tennessean which she congratulated me for. She helped me feel a sense of equality. Though she died in her eighties, she influenced many generations with some of her student becoming doctors, dentists and school professors.


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