Unfolded Parable In Dawn Dumont "The Way Of The Sword"

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“The way of the Sword” is a short story about some serious issues like bullying and stereotyping in which, Dawn Dumont, the author, appears to be straightforward, and tells the story of a younger girl named Dawn and how a comic book character-Canon extremely beloved by her and how she relates him like his mentor in every situation of her life. (Dawn, 14-15). The reason, she highly admired Conan because his story reflects the story of native people. Dawn Dumont’s story the way of sword demonstrates his ironic approach and allows the reader to be aware of the native younger girl’s life which was full of challenges in a comic way.

Early in the story, the narrator tells us about Conan’s perspective about girls what type of ladies he likes and or not. An example of this, his girlfriends were a warrior like him; he had no place in his life for little skinny cheeks that didn’t even know how to defend themselves.

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Whatsoever, the irony is shown in the paragraph when it tells about once he has fallen in love with pirate queen belt ultimately as I read it. The queen or princess seems beautifully elegant and is with skinny little cheeks; but Conan fell in love with a queen who can’t be warrior-like other indigenous women so, it clearly contradicts the upper statement and irony is proved (dawn 17-18).

Throughout the story, the reader is led to believe that the dawn will fight and chose to be a strong warrior like Conan.

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However, a situation originates in the last few paragraphs when it is exposed that dawn changed their mind after her cousin Freda’s lecture in which she said “you girls shouldn’t be fighting,”(dawn 29-30). Because in Freda’s eyes, it was like a foolish, one of numerous that would participate themselves out on that avenue that night. At that moment, Dawn switch from an idea of being a warrior like Conan to need someone who can peacefully handle the situation and defeated his enemy with goals rather than using swords (dawn 28-29)

One day some girls in the class decided to punish the boys and said to dawn “you are tough, dawn. Go beat up Matt; he’s being mean to us,” (dawn 18-19). because here dawn observes that they feel that the Cimmerian blood circulating all the way through my veins or it is just because earlier native girls used to punish them. Gradually, however, the reality was I had never conflict with anyone except my family. But at that time she realizes it can be shameful to step back as I am Cimmerian then she thought of “what would Conan do?”(Dawn 19) some might claim that this is evidence that suggests that dawn was highly obsessed by the Conan. But I argue that, on the contrary, it suggests that she was not stable towards Conan’s character as she continuously changes her mind according to the situation. For example, firstly she influenced by Gandhi, that how he carried the Englishman’s to their knees without even fight. Then she turned to their parent’s philosophy regarding fight. She tried to go with their mother’s techniques but they didn’t go with her problems. So, after she switches to her father’s ideas that how he fought during his school time (dawn 22-23).

In conclusion, the way of the sword is effectively a story about a young girl who Always tries to solve her real-life problem in the same way as Conan did, in last she changed her mind from what would Conan do, to what would Wayne Gretzky do? One of the things that make the technique of the sword so persuasive is the manner the setting, as well as characters, work simultaneously to create the final effects. This story was full of incredible irony that made the story fascinating and kept the group of listeners’ belief one thing that may occur, yet at last changing things up and having the inverse happen. In last, something contrary to what is accepted to happen occurs. The way of the sword clearly demonstrates the two different kinds of irony, verbal and situational. These two ironic situations work in the same way to build an outstanding portrayal of dawn’s real-life challenges.

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Unfolded Parable In Dawn Dumont "The Way Of The Sword"

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