Undocumented Students Essay

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Undocumented Students

There are thousands of undocumented students from different countries that migrate to the United States of America seeking a better way of life; however, the reality of that being possible is unlikely high. According an activist from the Lulac Association, over three million students graduate from U. S. high schools every year. Most get the opportunity to pursue a college degree, strive for their vocational goals, and reach for their American dream.

Unfortunately, there are many students that see their dreams go down the drain for not having the right documentation to obtain a job and/or go to school. That is the main reason why undocumented students who are pursuing a higher education must be able to apply for a visa that can allow them to work on their field of study as well as to get financial aid, pay taxes, and become productive citizens who contribute to this country.

This country is viewed as a melting pot for their many races, however, the reality is that even though they are many cultures, many believes, and nationalities, there are still some people in congress that do not believe in giving the immigrants the opportunity to growth professionally, and individually in this country even though this should be “a free country”; a country where people have freedom, a country of opportunities. Undocumented students should be able to obtain a visa to allow them to work for many reasons; one of them is for them to be able to get financial aid and pursue their dreams.

There are many undocumented students that are in universities all over this country that are forced to dropped off for not having the money to continue paying for their education. It is a fact that undocumented students are only able to apply for state aid and many of the times the funds are not enough or they aren’t any. According to a financial representative at El Centro College, the maximum amount that a student applying for state aid can get a year is around $1,700. That money is not even enough for books; let me not mention that they are not able to et a job because they do not have the documentation to do so. If the government could at least pass the dream act; a bill that congress is attempting to provide immigration relief for undocumented youths through legislation known as the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act). The Act has been introduced in each subsequent Congressional session in various forms, for the last 10 years since 2001. The latest version passed the House in December 2010, but was defeated in the Senate.

According to the PEW Hispanic Center in Washington, D. C, however, approximately 65,000 youths do not get this opportunity because they are smeared with the inherited label of being illegal immigrants. These youths have lived in the United States for most of their lives and want to be recognized as Americans. Yes, it would be great for this undocumented student to have the documentation that could allow them to better themselves and be productive to this country. But how do this students can be productive in this country if they are not allowed to?

It is of major importance for this government to do something about this specific situation; there is a great need of open minds that are willing to support the legalization of millions of undocumented students. By giving this students the right to work and better themselves educationally, the economy in this country would get better; thousands of jobs would be created and the people that not report taxes would be able to do so and that would help stabilize the economy. I want to emphasize that in this country there is nothing free!

Many republicans complain because according to them illegal people in this country do not pay taxes. It is a fact that even when you go grocery shopping there is a percentage of taxes that must be paid in addition to your purchase, if you own a home weather or not you are legal or not you must pay taxes every year for that property. Opponents should realize that not paying taxes is just an excuse and a migratory reform shouldn’t be an option but must be a law taken into action. I have a dream”, a famous quote from Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. whom devoted his life to stop segregation. If he would be alive is for a fact that he would fight for the rights of undocumented students to achieve a migratory reform. It is inhuman to have many professionals working in construction or and or cutting yards because they cannot work on their field of study. Legalization of undocumented students is a need that this country is no longer going to be ble to ignore. In conclusion, yes, undocumented who are pursuing a higher education should be able obtain a visa that can allow them to work on their field of study as well as get financial aid because at the end of the day this country is going to rely on next generation’s capacity and education to help this economy get through this bad crisis. This kids/ young people are tomorrow’s future and they deserve an opportunity to prosper, to conquer, and to shine!

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