Understanding the Short Story Brownies Essay

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Understanding the Short Story Brownies

Amongst the legion of newly talented American playwrights is Z. Z Parker, an African American author who is popularly known to be the master behind a number of recently published and highly praised short fiction stories across the United States. Included in one of his compilations “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” is the short story entitled “Brownies” which depicts the story about a troop of young Black African-American girls and their encounters and personal experiences with regard to adversities of social discrimination in the entire American Country.

Thus, the book depicts and illustrates both of the different faces of the society which is that of the good and dreadful side, more especially in the entire society of the United States wherein there is an evident divergence between the white and black people. In a sense, it is seen obvious that the story is fundamentally set to highlight and enlighten one of the major social problems in the entire American society in both ancient and modern days, which is that of the racial biases and/or discrimination among the Black African-American people.

Thus, the story also aims to give a picture of the pessimistic consequences of such social differences between the American group of white and the black. For instance is the adverse incident wherein the troop of black African-American girls and the opposite color have collide and involved their selves into an awful brawl in response to the act of racial discrimination coming from the group of white girls.

Hence, such illustration is an example as to how the writer has utilized the specific situations to depict the atrocities and cynicism that social discrimination incorporates in the society. On the other hand, it is also well represented that the society is made of both negative and positive notions wherein the people living in this world are all situated to experience both of the good and bad sides of the society.

Through the narrative of one of the black African-American girls in the story, whose name is Laurel, she shares the story of her father’s encounter with a white family and recalls the moment her father said that, “It was the only time he’d have a white man on his knees doing something for a black man for free” (30). It is indeed an evident way of the writer to balance her depiction of the two faces of society which is that of the good and bad. In the end, it is evident that such book of Z. Z.

Parker entitled “Brownies” is socially prearranged to depict and discuss the problems of society, more specifically in the United States, where Americans are seen to be alienated by this social difference and discrimination. Thus, the short story “Brownies” is indeed a paradigm of an outstanding socially significant story that presents valuable lessons for the readers and for the entire society. Work Cited Packer, ZZ. “Brownies. ” In Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. New York, NY: The Berkley Publishing Group, 2003.

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