Understanding the Five Player Positions in Basketball

The two players on the court that are the smallest, (shortest), are the point guard and the shooting guard. These two players are the skillful, outside shooters. The point guard is the coordinater or is the one in control of the ball and offense. The point guard is in control of the offense and the ball, at all times. The point guard is usually the best ball handler on the team and is also the most coordinated. Point guards always bring the basketall up the court for security of the ball.

The point runs the offense and is always looking to assist a man down low, or a man closer to the basket if you will.

Point guards usually set up the power forward or center for a quick, close, easy field goal. In today’s day and age, teams will mix up this process a bit to confuse the defense. In most instances, a point guard’s shot percentage is more accurate than a shooting guard’s shot percentage.

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This somewhat contradicts the technical name of the two positions. However, the shooting guard still shoots the basketball very well in all cases. The shooting guard usually has a higher shot percentage than a point guard from in and outside the (three-point line) ark. This fact is caused by the point guard constantly penetrating to the basket to distract defensive players from the shooting guard. This action guarantees the shooting guard

a clear, open shot. Shooting guards usually hit the clutch shot at the last second, unless there is a star point guard on the team to take the shot.

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Shooting guards basically have the point guard and center’s back if there is not an open, easy shot available. The point guard and center are the most significant players on a basketball team.

The two guys on the court that rebound the most are the power forward and the shooting forward. Offensively and defensively, a power forward is the strongest rebound source on a team. The power forward is the aggressive forward that muscles his way towards the basket for a close shot or a tough rebound. Power forwards are known to post up defen

ding players, close to the basket, for an easy field goal. Another responsibility for a power forward is to constantly be ready and aware of what is going on. A power forward is one of the few guys, on the court, that can get close to the basket without getting mobbed. Shooting forwards almost have the same responsibilities as a shooting guard. The only difference is, a shooting forward is a bit closer to the basket than a shooting guard when shots are attempted. Shooting forwards can relate to shooting guards in a sense of being smaller than their corresponding positions. Shooting forwards, also called small forwards, can shoot extremely well behind the ark, as well as in the paint. Also, small forwards must be alert and prepared for an outside pass that will eventually be set up for them. Minor duties for a shooting guard include rebounding and a steady, solid three point shot.

As mentioned before, the center, as well as the point guard, are the two key players on a basketball team. If a team has a well talented, experienced center, along with a star point guard, there is no doubt that the team will win the championship, if not, make it to the finals. The center is the big dog of the team. Centers are always the tallest guys on a team; however, they are not always the smallest. The power forwards compensate for non-aggressive weak centers.

The center is responsible for almost everything besides shooting three pointers. One of the main duties of a center is to always crash the boards, (rebound), and dominate on defense. Blocking shots is a center’s all-time duty on defense. Star centers shoot well from eighteen feet inside the basket, and yet, still is able to strongly, maneuver close to the goal for an easy basket. On offense and defense, centers constantly hustle up and down the court. Centers create a habit to always anticipate what is most likely to occur, and what is most likely not to occur. The center is the guy that the other four players look at for help. Centers are also well known for drawing defensive players inside the paint to set up a clean shot for one of the outside guards. With authority, the big bang triumph of being a center is to slam the basketball, with all force, through the basketball hoop. This often occurs directly in the face of a defensive player. Thus, the exhilarating crowd goes wild.

The five players on a basketball court think and work together as one. This strategic effort fills a team with confidence and power. Therefore, the team feels invincible. This design is what makes a team a team. Even though these five positions all serve different responsibilities, they all must enter-twine and rely on one another in order to function correctly.

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