Understanding the Bible Essay

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Understanding the Bible

Entering the world of the Bible is every Christian’s “duty” because the Christian disciplines are only practiced and developed in accordance with what the Scriptures are saying. The Bible in itself is a revelation of God and central to an understanding of the Bible is appreciating this message. However, the message is also to be understood in the light to the time, culture and places that the Bible was set upon. The nations that are being spoken of have cultures of their own, used different languages; their own grammars.

The reader is aware of another world which is the modern world traversing in its own times, has a developing history, culture and language. Thirdly, another salient facet is the individual’s own particular world-his milieu from which he participates in. These are vital issues that any interpreter today must be aware of to successfully glean its principles and effectively apply to the daily experience. According to Haddon Robinson, there are “life-wrenching problems and questions” that the hearers have and this is the “third” world that is another essential to properly understand the Scriptures (Robinson, 2001).

The ancient world, the modern world and our own particular world should always be at the forefront. The point then is, any average person can readily go straight to the Bible and read it because the Bible is everywhere and nobody is restrained (unless in countries where Christianity is unacceptable) from exploring its message. However, anybody interested shall then progress because he encounters many difficulties. The Bible’s culture and our own culture are “planet’s” apart, emphasizing the vast differences and making the extracting of vital knowledge and truths complicated and very tough to do.

As mentioned, Christianity which is in essence a Judaeo-Christian religious tradition points to the revelation of God. This is a fact that overshadows and guides every reader and interpreter in his reading of the Bible and in accepting the truths beyond the culture and people who walked and talked in it (Bray, 1996). Reference: 1. Bray, Gerald 1996. Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present. Apollos: (Intervarsity press) England. 2. Robinson, Haddon W. 2001. Biblical Preaching. 2nd ed. Baker Book House: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

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