Understanding Terrorism Essay

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Understanding Terrorism

The type of funding’s they used in the dirty war was, committing little petty crimes or credit card frauds. They used radiation and dirty bombs to create the explosions. The assets they used where from all over the country, they hid the material in vegetable oil. The Tactics they used to deceive the law enforcements were just to live a normal life. None of them had a criminal past, they were normal citizens in the laws eyes. The terrorist used a lot of phone cards.

That’s how the police started catching on to what they were doing. The failures that the law enforcements had were they wasn’t ready for such a disaster. It also took them along time to catch on to what was happening right in front of their eyes. The general public couldn’t have stopped the attack no way possible. Other than telling the police that there was suspicious activity happening in their area, they could have been no help.

Finally the law enforcements started putting clues together about the phone cards, the oil from the restaurant that was carrying the dirty bomb material in side. They were slightly too late for the first bomb but they caught the other two right in time. The part I didn’t understand is that all 3groups didn’t work together but they were going to detonate at the same time. I found that strange. The motive I saw from the movie was that it was religious purposes.

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