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Understanding Self and Others

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (886 words)
Categories: Bullying, Confidence, Self Confidence
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Between the ages of 3-8 years old, Fiennes-Tiffin would begin to use his imagination in order to understand social roles that other people play such as his mother’s social role is to primarily look after Fiennes-Tiffin, therefore he may play the role as a mother towards his teddy bear by tucking it in bed and giving it a goodnight kiss on the forehead as Fiennes-Tiffin would realise that his own mother does this to him to emphasise how much she cares for him, therefore he would present such care towards his favourite teddy bear too.

Fiennes-Tiffin would begin to understand the idea of self-concept which is having the awareness that he is an individual and therefore is unique and different from those around him. For example he may enjoy eating tuna sandwiches, however he would come to realise that his friend may not like to eat this.

Similarly he would understand that he is different from others as he has green eyes and others may not have the same colour eyes as him, as others may have brown or blue eyes.

His relationships with other members in his family can further influence his sense of self-worth and value, for example his older brother may continuously tease him and treat him like a ‘baby’ even though at this stage Fiennes-Tiffin is 6 years old. This can affect him as he may feel as though he is dumb and lacking intellectually therefore when his brother treats him in such a manner it can result in him lacking self-worth. Further to this, how well Fiennes-Tiffin gets on with his teachers at school can influence his self-confidence, this is because if Fiennes-Tiffin successfully completes a set task given to him by his teacher then his teacher in return praises him for his good work, this will result in the increase in Fiennes-Tiffins’ self confidence as he would become even more determined and certain that he will do equally well in the next task that would be provided to him by his teacher in the future.

However if Fiennes-Tiffin didn’t do as well in the set task and was consequently told off by his teacher due to not paying attention during the demonstration of it then he may view himself under the light of a failure. Towards the ages of 7-8, he may begin to get bullied by other children within his class and this can ultimately result in him having low self-esteem due to having a lack of respect being presented towards him. He can then become depressed if such bullying becomes ongoing and can further affect him by becoming easily frustrated at small things and viewing temporary problems as permanent issues as bullying is a new experience and can permanently put Fiennes-Tiffin off from interacting with others due to the fear of being picked on and becoming a target for bullying from everyone around him.

Developing Positive and Negative Self-image in Early Childhood

Self-image would be determined by the quality of social interaction and the influence from caregivers too. For example, Fiennes-Tiffin might feel that he has a great sense of humour because his peers at school have informed him of how funny he is due to constantly laughing when he makes jokes. This would result in Fiennes-Tiffin beginning to view himself as a funny person, therefore a positive self-image is created. Similarly, if his mother directs positive comments towards him about his appearance due to apparently looking smart when dressed in uniform for the first day of primary school, Fiennes-Tiffin would have a positive self-image due to being described as smart and therefore believing in himself appearing more mature. Interactions and experiences with other individuals such as peers at school can also impact his self-image, as if he is being bullied by his peers for wearing an ‘uncool’ shirt on non-school uniform day then this can lead to Fiennes-Tiffin viewing himself under a negative light and therefore having a negative self-image due to appearing ‘uncool’ in the eyes of his peers at school.

Ongoing bullying can also result in psychological problems occurring such as depression where he may view his self-image in a constantly negative manner due to being picked on by other children his age. Self-image can also be affected by social roles and this influences how others would view Fiennes-Tiffin and then how he would define himself. An example being him considering self-description such as ‘I am very impulsive’ due to appearing in such a manner in the eyes of those around him, this could be due to spending his pocket money straight away instead of continuing to save it in order to buy a new toy he may like.

However, during early childhood he may describe himself in terms of physical traits such as saying ‘I am a member of my school football team’ due to Fiennes-Tiffin actively playing football in primary school due to his team constantly going against other primary schools in the local area. Fiennes-Tiffin would soon come to understand the importance of self-image in his childhood as it determines how they interact with others along with how he thinks and views himself. A positive self image can result in the enhancement of mental wellbeing whereas a negative self-image can lead to low self-esteem along with depression which can continue into adolescence.

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