Understanding Satire Worksheet Essay

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Understanding Satire Worksheet

Provide supporting evidence from the texts to support your responses to these questions. All answers should be in the form of complete sentences. 1.

What is the issue Twain is satirizing?

Twain mentions on how we as teenagers and smaller kids should consider on hearing and thinking more when adults try to give us advice, because most of them have already been through what we are living now. On the lesson he gives us an advice on how becoming a better liar can make you a much smarter person in a very humorous and entertaining way.

2. What techniques does Twain use to create his satire?

The techniques that twain creates in his satire are understatement, wit, irony and parody.

3. What is the issue McCullough is satirizing?

The issue McCullough is trying to satirize for yourself to be kind and a little egoist and only think about yourself, he thinks that we should do things to satisfy ourselves first and then worry about other people, and when people see you doing good by yourself then they will follow your way and they will try to be happy on their own too.

4. What techniques does McCullough use to create his satire?

The techniques that McCullough uses are understatement, caricature and hyperbole.

5. How effectively do the techniques used communicate Twain’s position?

He exaggerates the advice he is about to give the students. He lets you believe that he is going to offer you serious advice, but then he gives a humorous one instead. 6. How effectively do the techniques used communicate McCullough’s position? He exaggerates things that you don’t have to do to prove someone; he wants you to do it so that you feel happy and great when you accomplish something. He tells you a lot of examples that doesn’t really show the meaning.

7. How are the messages communicated by Twain and McCullough similar?

They both are messages for the youth and are messages on how to make you happy in the future and later on life.

8. Which message could you relate to more? Explain why in a minimum of three sentences. I could relate more to McCullough’s message because I want to make myself happy and I think a lot of people can also relate in that notice. I want to be able to do what I want and be able to enjoy myself. You have to put yourself first because others won’t do so.

Part B: Search for Satire
Use the guided analysis exercises within the lesson as a model for this part of the assignment. 1. Locate an example of satire. Copy and paste it here, making sure to note the source where you found it in a proper citation.

And now the removal van’s here,
There’s only one thing of which
I’m certain,
Cherie will swipe the lot,
Every light bulb, every curtain.
I haven’t spent too much
On holidays, they’ve all been
My thanks to little Cliff
And one of the Bee – Gees.

Regrets – I’ve had quite a few,
But none at all about my pension.
While some have lost the lot,
Mine is great, I’d like to mension.
Some say that they hate me
For selling gongs along the
I pray that Scotland Yard
Will not come my way.

There were times, Iraq no doubt,
I thought that I would get found
But through it all, my friends stood
And kept their gobs shut, one and
Then some one said; “Just use your
And blame Lord Levy.”

I know that as I go
There’ll be some naughty stories,
Told by Mr Brown’s friends
And the naughty Tories.
I know that some folk say
My constant smile is boring,
They say I never stop
And smile while snoring.

What is a man, what has he got?
Well, in my case, it’s quite a lot.
And very soon in the U.S.A.
Millions more will come my way
And George Bush knows
I took the blows
And did it his way.

2. What is human institution or human weakness is being satirized in this piece? The human weakness that is being satirized in this poem is that the man has had many doubts but he stills believes that good thing are coming his way. 3. Identify and explain the types of humor devices used to create the satire. Satire is the use of different elements such as irony, sarcasm, humor, and ridicule to criticize or mock the foolish behavior of others. Although the use of satire is often entertaining, it is also often used to bring attention to a particular subject and promote change. Wit: Smart or clever use of language that is designed to amuse, surprise, or delight Verbal irony: a device in which what one says does not match what one means Burlesque: An extreme exaggeration or comic imitation that plays on contradiction between a subject and the way it is treated.

Parody: An exaggerated imitation of a serious piece of literature or other art form for humorous effect Farce: A comedy in which stereotypical characters engage in boisterous horseplay and slapstick humor—all the while making jokes. Caricature: A situation in which characters are presented though a single, dominant trait such as vanity or athleticism. Understatement: A figure of speech in which the words written are less than what a writer or speaker means; the opposite of hyperbole or exaggeration.

Hyperbole: A figure of speech that uses exaggeration for emphasis 4. How effectively do the techniques used communicate the creator’s position? The techniques that they are used to communicate with the creators position is really effective because this poem has been written in a very modest way showing what the writer was feeling when going through the writing process of his poem. 5. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the satire. Explain your reasoning in a minimum of three sentences. The overall effectiveness of this satire is that it’s a very interesting and fun poem to read, as he was overstating the words and the sentences, overall I feel like it was a good satire poem.

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